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NOTD: LA Girl Teal Dimension

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Spotted the LA Girl 3D Effects Hologram collection at Lawtons in the weekend, I couldn't help but picking up a few colours to try.

The shade for today is Teal Dimension, with scattered, not linear, silver holo on a teal base. The name sticker is colour coordinated and holographic too, put on the cap instead of at the bottom of the bottle as usual.

This is only one coat, with regular base and top coat. It is not fully a one coater, as you could still see the VNL at certain angle. However, the mani felt like a jelly finish on the nails this way, and gave the holo shine some depth, which I enjoyed.

This angle shows the holo effect better, make sure you click to enlarge the pic as it is blinding at different spots lol.

All pics in this post were taken with flash, as I couldn't find the sun anywhere :) When indoor without flash, Teal Dimension looks like a dark teal with silver fine shimmers. And you know me, I'm more into darker shades, so even without visible holographic effect (without the sunlight), I naturally love this colour.

Are you in love with it yet? How about now? Now? lol I'm teasing, but if you come across this collection, Teal Dimension would be a good choice.

Application was easy, without any special base coat, not tricky like some other holo colours. Wear wise, I got 2 days out of it.

Another good thing about LA Girl 3D Effects is the $5.49 price tag for 14ml. Now this is higher than normal LA Girl nail polish price range, but the brand goes on sale often at Lawtons - 20% off this week, with some bonus Airmiles to boost :)

So yes, I'd recommend this scattered holo line, as long as you don't expect crazy holographic effect out of it.

Just for fun, this is a comparison shot between LA Girl Teal Dimension and China Glaze Atlantis (on the ring finger).

Teal Dimension is darker, with silver holo sheen while Atlantis is lighter and more green, with multi-coloured holos - even under indoor lighting, But still, neither of them is linear.

The LA Girl Sand Blast collection has also arrived at Lawtons, $3.99 each. I'll have a NOTD up next week but want to give you a heads up, as there are only 3 bottles for each shade in both collections.


  1. Soooo beautiful polish! Reminds me for my best polish EVER- Color club Holiday Splendor :)

    1. I can't even remember if I have the CC shade to compare lol

  2. I picked up 3 of the 3D Holograms while I was in the states the other week. Unfortunately, Teal Dimension was already cleared out, boo! Now I wish there were a Lawtons here :(

    1. Sorry you missed this teal shade. It is a shame Lawtons does not expand across the country