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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yes, you guessed it. The biggest part of my weekend haul is Hard Candy :)

My most lemming (but not the only one) the moment I saw detailed pictures of the release was the Candy Sprinkles collection - picture from Body and Soul Beauty.

My Walmart was a little late getting the new products in, which caused me a few stalking trips around town. But it was a good thing in the sense that I could see swatches of the colours before buying. For that reason, I was successful in narrowing down to only a few shades.

I held my breath when I saw the display, silently grabbed 5 bottles then exhaled lol.

From L-R:
- Gummy Green and Sweet Tooth (Candy Sprinkles collection)
- Jubilee and Celebrate Sequins (Crystal Confetti collection) - Black Tie Optional was sold out or I would have got it too.
Yes, I knew about the bar glitters in Jubilee curling up but I couldn't help it. It was pretty and different
- Crush on Amethyst (Crushed Chromes collection).

The nail polish are CAD3.98 a piece.

Other Hard Candy products I picked up:
- All Lid Up cream eyeshadow in Purple Heart, CAD5.98
- All Glossed Up lip crayon in Love Bite, CAD4.98, and
- Shadow Dancer liquid to powder eyeshadow in Night & Day, CAD5.98.

And if you missed my note in the flyer deal post, Walmart now carries Pure Ice nail polish. I found them in an end cap display, CAD1.97 a pop.

The two shades I got are glitters, of course - Look My Way and Come Closer. Lol the names together sound like an invitation, don't they?

My main reason to go to Shoppers this weekend was the $3.99 deal on Rimmel (selected) eye and lip products.

I wanted more lipsticks from the Kate line, which turned out to be not part of the sale (only the regular Lasting Finish lipsticks are). I was just lucky because a wrong sale price sticker was put at the Kate section, and the cash had to honour it.

I bought #06 and 09 from the regular Kate line, #104 and 107 from the matte Kate line, reg. $7.99 each. I'm digging the red packaging, not that the black doesn't look great itself.

Other things on sale:
- Gosh nail polish in Girls on Film. My location seems to clear out all Gosh nail polish they have at CAD3 a pop (reg. $7). Only found one shade I liked
- Nivea lip butter in Vanilla & Macadamia, CAD2.49 this week. Canada unfortunately only gets this scent and the regular scent, not 4 like in the US, and they took a while to show up on the shelf too
- Peptalash, reg. CAD24.99 on sale for $19.99. The product got some good reviews on beauty blogs. Would this help my sad lashes? We'll see.

I have been to several Lawtons to hunt for this display, thanks to the tip of a lovely reader. It is Revlon Pacific Coast collection, which have the four new shades of lip butters that Revlon Canada confirmed we'll get.

The status of the display proves that the lip butters are for sure the heart of this collection. Only four items per shade, so if you find the display, jump on it. I don't know if the shades will become permanent after this display is gone.

Only bought Wild Watermelon and Sorbet (the two brighter shades), I tried to be good. Revlon is 20% off this week at Lawtons, so I paid $7.60 each (reg. $9.50).

Only one slot each for the baby sticks, but they offer minimal colour payoff, so I wasn't terribly sad that one was already gone. The nail polish and eyeshadow quads can wait.

I'm sorry for those who don't have a Lawtons. My hope is the display will show up at Shoppers and Walmart soon. Shoppers is offering the 25% off coupon on regular priced items tomorrow, but you have to spend $50. Otherwise, we'll count on weekend promos at Shoppers or lower retail price at Walmart.


  1. Nice haul! I'm excited about the hard candy nail polishes too!

  2. Yay! you found the Nivea :) (actually I am not a big fan of the original that I got...but that is another story...)

    great haul :) hope you like the polish. I recently gave away Amethyst to a friend...actually I forgot to remove it, and she selected it lol. Well it went to a loving home so that's what matters most.

    I hope you like All Glossed Up, I really like them. Though they can be a tad sheer. I was interested in this colour so can't wait to see your swatches :)

    1. Yeah, I wasn't interested in the original Nivea :) I can't wait to take pics of Love Bite so I can start using it. Are they supposed to be sheer?

  3. I don't think my Walmart has the new Hard Candy yet. Last I checked they didn't even have the Real Techniques brushes. I'll keep checking! I hope you like the lip crayon because I'm eyeing those!

    1. Some stores do take their time to set up :( I'm trying it soon

  4. were the rimmel scandaleyes eyeliners on sale for $3.99 at shoppers?