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NOTD: Layla Meringue Pie

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have been testing out a few Layla Bubbly Effect shades, mixed results. I am showing you one today, it is Meringue Pie, a while colour.

The base for this mani in Sinful Colors Why Not, a beautiful pigmented one coater aqua blue. You see, I had the image of the blue sky and white clouds in my head but did not want to do any stamping or free handing. So this was what I came up with :)

Why Not applied pretty true to the bottle colour but since we put a white nail polish over it, the end result looked a bit lighter. Note though, it slightly stained your cuticle during removal.

The trick to Layla Bubbly Effects is to apply one very very thin coat. Wipe almost all the nail polish off the brush, leaving a tiny dollop at the tip and paint the whole nail with it, over the base of course. Any more than this and the bubbly effect would not happen.

And when it did happen, it was pretty random. Some days, it really bubbled up, showing spots (in different sizes) on the nails. Some other days, we see this - mostly stripes with a few spots here and there. On day 2, cracks even appeared on my middle finger (see closeup below).

In the 3 - 4 times I wore Layla Bubble Effect, this was the first that it cracked, with Meringue Pie. It was a bummer, but at least it was only visible when you looked closely. Also worth noting that after day 2, the white layer seemed to rub off a bit around the edges somehow.

All in all, I am not fully in love with Bubble Effects. Though this blue and while combination does look pretty on the nails, with the Layla price tag (between $10 - 15), I would expect a bit more quality control. I bought mine on clearance but still have expectations. Well, on to the next experiment, I guess :)

Have a good Thursday, ladies!


  1. I like this mani :) Thanks for the review. I've often wondered about bubbly effects. It's a pass for me I think.

    1. Thanks Norma. Yeah, I don't think I'd need more Bubbly either

  2. You got them on clearance? I haven't even seen them anywhere at full price. :(

    1. Yeah, a drugstore here has Layla, if they don't sell well, they'll end up on clearance

  3. I had expected something a little different...
    but still looks pretty~

    1. Yeah, they work differently every time, I don't know what to expect :)