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NOTD: Candy Lacquer City Girl

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I hope everyone has a great start of the day celebrating Love (or the lack of it, in my case). No pink or hearts on here today, just black and glitters of countless shapes, sizes and colours. More me!

This is Candy Lacquer City Girl. The name is perfect, since this is one crazy polish.

The glitters are very dense in the clear base, perfect for layering. I didn't have to fish for anything, just swirled my brush before pulling it out of the bottle, then dabbed on the nails.

I can see white, red, pink, blue, green in round, hex, square and bar forms. Big glitters, small glitters, you name it! Click the pic to see the glitters in full size, and you'll believe me.

The base colour is Orly Goth, a black with some subtle silver shimmers.

I figured with that many colours of glitters, a black base is appropriate to feature them all and none gets lost in the base. And I couldn't be happier with the result. City Girl looks amazing and so much fun on the nails.

To add to all this prettiness, the name City Girl is very nostalgic to me. I used to be one, had lots of friends to hang out with and lots of fun stuff to do almost every night. All that was gone the day I left home :( Not that I don't like the life I have right now, it's just different and I can't help but feel isolated sometimes.

Maybe that's what life with a kid is supposed to be like, especially when your friends have kids too lol. The good thing is you don't feel alone on days like Valentine's. She is my +1, and she's there with me to take advantage of those 2-for-1 deals that restaurants put out today. Gotta love that!

Enough with that sentimental stuff. Here's a bonus pic of City Girl in the sun, with, again, snow in the background. Not the smooth new snow, but the messy melted snow that we have a little too much of lately :) Been wearing my rainboots 3 days straight because of the slushy sidewalks and curbs!

And a close-up is a must with this beautiful polish. I love City Girl for the colours (yes there's pink glitters in there), shapes (yay for no heart-shaped ones) and the emotion associated with its name. See, love can be nontraditional but picky :)

I was talking to a guy friend, and he said today is a day of disappointment to men. They never feel like they have done enough, and it has to be better than what they did last year. I just laughed it off, but maybe women feel disappointed too for the same reason lol. Unless you are one of those rare cases that your other half surprises you every day with how much he/ she loves you.

Anyway, have a great day today and don't buy too much chocolate (50% off) tomorrow :)


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