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Annabelle TwistUps

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Annabelle TwistUp Retractable lipstick crayons are not new, I hope I am not too late to give them the spotlight on the blog. I had bought four colours (Mai Tai, Fizz, Kinky Pink and Royale) for myself  and a few backups after I tried them.

On the occasion of Lawtons having a BOGO deal on Annabelle lip products this week, and Annabelle kindly sending me the rest of the colours, I thought it was time to swatch all of them, for those of you who plan to take advantage of the sale.

There are 12 colours of TwistUps, ranging from nude to purple. As described by Annabelle, these crayons are retractable lipstick and lip liner in one, (no sharpening needed).

Enriched with Omega 3 + 6 and shea butter, they feel moisturizing on the lips, with good pigmentation and shine. I'm digging the (retractable) slim pencil design, which comes individually wrapped, guarantees no contamination. 

I tried to split these into groups based on the colour tones they show, but swatches reveal some surprises. I guess we don't judge the lipstick by the way it looks in the tube :)

First four, from top to bottom: Absolute, TeaseKiss and Divine.

Swatches with flash, in the same order.

Absolute is a nude blue-toned pink. Not one for my skin tone and lip pigmentation, but it would look great on naturally pink lips or to pair with intense eye looks.

Tease is a nude brown with a hint of coral. On me, it looks almost natural, and the coral hint makes it a little more modern, I would say. Great for work.

Kiss turns out to be more of a reddish coral while it looks brick brown in the tube.

Divine is your everyday darker pink, a little sheer, also work appropriate.

As intended, I wore these TwistUps without a lip liner and they work just fine. They last about the same amount of time as a regular lipstick - 3 to 4 hours. Touchups are easy with a pen format. The only thing is that because you don't sharpen them, after a while, they lose the sharp pointed tips, which makes lining the lips with them take a little more effort.

Next four: Bubble, Mimosa, Mai Tai and Kinky Pink. Now we're talking bright colours :)

Bubble is a true pink, with no blue undertone. This pink I can work with a lot better.

Mimosa is a light orange, with the right amount of pigment - not too crazy. If you don't feel like wearing a more brown colour (like Tease, seen above), then Mimosa would be a good alternative to add some subtle colour to your lips.

Mai Tai is a lighter and more red than Kiss, and a stronger version of Mimosa. Very wearable in that sense.

Kinky Pink is a hot pink, doesn't need much of an introduction. The name makes me laugh :)

I like all four colours in this group as I find them very easy to wear, for all occasions. Didn't expect to like Bubble much but I did. Also expected to like Mai Tai more than Kinky Pink, but it turned out to be the other way around. The new Annabelle wall display in store has testers for all shades, make sure to swatch them to avoid surprises :)

Last four: Breeze, Flirtini, Fizz and Royale.

Breeze is a nice pink, less blue than Absolute but more blue than Bubble.

Flirtini is an intense red, a unique one among the 12 shades.

Fizz is a sheer light pink, almost invisible on me. It does add shine to the lips when that's the only you need, maybe paired with another lipstick.

Royale is a purple toned plum, on me. I had seen how purple it looked on other people with lighter skin tone and lips, but on my skin tone, it is not purple enough. Still a pretty shade, the most worn shade, in my case.

I won't be doing any lip swatches, as the colours always look very different on my lips, hence I don't find them to be helpful. I will, however, do a few FOTDs with these in future posts.

The lip crayons are paraben and perfume free. The tubes are 0.05oz / 1.5g, retails around CAD10.49 each. They are part of Annabelle's regular line, not Limited Edition.

You definitely do not need all 12 colours as some are pretty close to each other. The special ones to me are Bubble and Kinky Pink for pink, Fizz for red, Tease for nude brown and Royale for purple.

Here are the FOTDs I did with Royale, Bubble and Absolute for your viewing pleasure :)


  1. Nice review! Looks like some nice colours!

  2. I think I'm in love with my Absolute!

  3. I love Kinky Pink -- it can last several hours on me. They're a great formula!

    1. We can be pals, wearing Kinky Pink to shop maybe lol

  4. I was swatching these the other day and wondering whether I should get any considering I own almost all revlon balm stains lol Love Mai Tai :D

  5. I loove bubble and mimosa! thank you so much for the swatches, they're so helpful!