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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is a haul, plus sale updates, from my first shopping trip since the end of November. Please ignore stuff that isn't new news to you, as I am a month behind on new products :)

Shoppers: I went to two different locations on Saturday to check out clearance items, as Boxing Week sale plus x20 points equal awesome :)

As part of the one-day deal for Saturday, Revlon nail polish were $3.99, including the dual ended Moon Candy Nail Art (reg. $8.49). I got Galactic, Meteor and Moon Dust to join the two I already had (Cosmic and Supernova).

Also bought this Calgon Take Me Away! set with two pair of body cream and body mist (full sized) in the scents Marshmallow and Red Velvet (50% off, reg. $12.99). How awesome is this? I have been wanting to try Red Velvet for a long time, didn't expect to get it so cheap.

Saw some Quo holiday products also 50% off but no sign of the Back to Basics palette. I bought the master brush set, reg. $60.

Lawtons: Remember I told you about Layla Hologram and MagEffect nail polish were cleared out a while ago and replaced by the Softouch Effect and Ceramic Effect shades with $14.99 price tag. It is now their turn to be cleared out for $2.74-$3.74 but not many shades left.

From L-R: Layla SE in 03 Stone and 10 Turquoise Splash, and CE 54 Green Gala and 55 Space Cowboy. I looked up the names as the bottles only had the numbers printed on the lids, a little annoyed by that.

If any of my local readers finds SE 05 Cherry Diva and CE 52 The Butterfly Effect from the clearance corner, please kindly let me know or even better, grab them for me, I kinda have a lemming :)

And more good news: There are two more new displays from the brand.

- Layla Bubbly Effect (imagine OPI Spotted-ish): 01 Meringue Pie (white), 02 Black Forest, 03 Red Velvet Cake, 04 Cherry Muffin (darker red) and 05 Anise Shake (blurple), plus a Bubbly Fix top coat.

- Layla Caviar Effect (don't think I need to explain): 11 shades in individual bead colours and one shade with multiple bead colours (only numbers, no names), plus tiny funnels to drop the leftover beads back into the bottle without a mess.

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor collection is 50% off this week, I picked up A Gold Winter's Night (left, first row), around $5.50. After checking swatches, I might have to go back for All Is Glam, All Is Bright. On the right is a random find of OPI DS Mystery, $9.99 from a clearance basket with no other OPI shades :)

Second row: Sinful Colors Nova, Super Star, Faceted and Ice Dream (Holiday Shimmers collection), on clearance for $0.99 each.

And before I forget, all Marcelle and Annabelle holiday products I posted about before are half price at Lawtons right now. Best time to get them! I can't confirm the same deal at Shoppers, just because I didn't see any sets at the locations I went to.

Winners: I found a CND display with their famous Effects shades (Pearl, Shimmer and Sparkle finishes) together with other coloured shades, $7.99 a piece.

I was only interested in the Sparkles (who knew, lol) and got all three that I found: Amethyst Sparkle, Jade Sparkle and Raspberry Sparkle. Now on the hunt for Sapphire Sparkle and Crimson Sparkle. Do I need any Shimmer Effects, what are your favorites?

Please keep me in the loop of what goodies you have found at Winners lately.

Lush: My first time checking out their Boxing Week BOGO sale. I only got two gift boxes, reg. $39.95 each.
- Honey Farm (pictured): with It's Raining Men shower gel, Honey I Wash the Kids soap, Honey Bee and Butterball bath bombs and Soft Coeur massage bar (my favorite).
- Holiday Candy Box (not pictured): with Snow Fairy shower gel, Rock Star soap, Candy Mountain bubble bar, Butterball bath bomb and Bubble Gum lip scrub.

I used a stock pic here as it is easier for you to see the products inside and their sizes.

The BOGO sale also includes the Emotional Brilliance colours (reg. $18.95), selected holiday bubble bars and soaps. I am tempted to get the Do Knot Disturb set (reg. $29.95, also on BOGO) as it also has Soft Coeur (retails $8.95 by itself) besides the Sex Bomb bath bomb, French Kiss bubble bar and Lust soap.

I walked by Sears and noticed that selected fragrance sets were discounted between 25-50%, including Kary Perry's and Lady Gaga's, etc. I know Shoppers also has seasonal fragrance sets on sale for 40% off, so if you are looking for a scent, price check to get the best deal among stores.


  1. Hi!
    Long time reader, first time commenter! I read your post today at work, and decided to stop at my local Lawtons on my way home from work to hunt for the Layla Polishes. I picked up Cherry Diva and Bufferfly Effect, and there were probably 4 or 5 of them still left! I was at the Lawtons at Main Street in DArtmouth! Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you Amy for letting me know about Layla. I happened to find Butterfly Effect, now only need Cherry Diva, arghh... I might have to find a way to head over that store :)

  2. Nice price on the Layla~
    Rexall is the only one that carries them here, but I haven't gone to one in ages, so I hadn't seen them at all. But they look pretty~

    1. Yeah, Layla does make good stuff. Hope you spot a sale soon :)

  3. I have good news for you! Lawtons at the HSC had at least 2 bottles of Cherry Diva in the clearance bins when I walked through today. One was in a big basket by the discount make-up, and there was also a partially filled Layla display with at least one more. If I can find any more bottles of The Butterfly Effect I'll buy them all and we can split the haul haha

    Happy hunting :)

    1. Awesome :) I kinda sorta hoarded The Butterfly Effect, so lmk if you can't find one, I'll give you one of mine lol. Hope things are going well with you, haven't seen you on the blog lately