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NOTD: Revlon Coconut Crush

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hi guys, happy Monday! It has been tough the last few days reading the news, especially when I have Squirt who is in elementary school age.

I am joining other nail blogs today to do Nails for Newtown - posting a white nail polish in remembrance of the young and innocent lives that have been lost. This is Revlon Coconut Crush from the "Scented when Dry" line, the first release.

It does smell a little sweet, not exactly like coconut but I appreciate the effort. I'm not scent sensitive, so if my nail polish smells a little nicer than its regular fume, I enjoy it.

As a matter of fact, I think I collected almost all shades from that release of the line, just for curiosity. Coconut Crush is almost foil like, which I do not particularly like but the light shimmer is cute.

On the accent nail is Revlon Sunshine Sparkle (two coats) as base, layered with Claire's Chunky Gold, Santee Purple Sparkle, and Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me. It sounds like a lot, but these three shades are sheer enough to not thicken the look of the nail.

I took my family's advice to do something I enjoy (i.e. to blog) to take my mind off sad things. Can't seem to find many words to say, so maybe my nails will do the talking today. Hug your loved ones tight and tell them you love them!


  1. First, have to say - I check your blog each week to see the flyer deals. I so appreciate you taking the time to do that. Second - Quick question, have you seen the *limited edition* Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow colours in Canada yet? I'm dying to get my hands on the beige ones... but I haven't seen them. I wonder if we will get them?

    1. Mikella, thank you for reading my blog and for letting me know that the flyer series is helpful to you. About the Color Tattoos, do you mean the metals that I reviewed last month or the neutral shades that showed up in the States only? There have been quite a few releases of them, so please let me know which exact shades you are looking for

    2. Sorry, I missed that post! I don't actually know all the ones that have been released, but I think I was thinking of the neutrals that you said were US-only... Looks like the new beige-y one is pretty close to the one I wanted tho. And am I just imagining that there was a beige colour WITHOUT shimmer?
      I actually haven't come across the metal collection anywhere in stores - do you know if it's still around?

    3. Yes, the two beige shades are close enough to get one instead of the other. The metals are already out, so maybe try different locations of Shoppers. Good luck! :)