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Yves Rocher makeup

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

After diving into the world of Yves Rocher makeup brushes, now we need the makeup to use them with, don't we?

Here are some selected products from Yves Rocher Colour Nature line that I am happy to review for you. I might have mentioned before that I only shopped on their site for skin care products before, so I am as new to these as you are.

There are primer, highlighter, eyeshadows, mascara, lip and brow products that can get you ready to face the world :) Get comfy, it's a long post!

Let's look at the face products first. The product that got me curious was the Perfect primer, for pinky complexion (the glass jar on the right below). As I think of myself having an olive skin tone, I wondered if this would work.

Worth noting that this primer is infused with musk rose oil, Damask rose extract and Damask rosewater, hence has a rose scent that comes off a little strong when you first pump it out. The scent lingers a bit, as you can still get a whiff of it when you apply foundation on top, but it fades gradually.

The product is light and non greasy, absorbs quickly, does help with the look of my enlarged pores and smooth out the skin, ready it for the foundation. My foundation lasts about the same amount of time as it normally does, so I cannot tell if this primer helps with that.

The primer goes on my skin looking a little white but once the foundation is applied, it doesn't really matter. There is one for apricot complexion, if you prefer.

The small sized bottle (0.5oz/ 15ml) is convenient (though glass might be risky to travel with). The pump has the locking mechanism that is always a bonus, for sanitary purpose.

Retails for $24, on sale for $14 at the moment.

Continue on with the Radiant Glow fluid foundation with precious pearls, one shade only - the tube at the bottom of the pic.

The name is confusing as I see this product as a liquid highlighter, not a foundation. It adds glow to your skin where you need it (suggested for your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). And I am a big fan. It is light, easy to apply and blend.

You can definitely see the glow on the swatch (left) compared to the primer (right).

One tip I took from Yves Rocher is to blend this product using upward and outward strokes, totally works. Another tip is the product can be used on your cleavage :)

The very light scent in this product is comforting, and again, I love the pump dispenser, only need one pump for my face. A total must have for the holiday.

The tube has 1oz/ 30 ml, retails for $14. It is Limited Edition.

Next is the Velvety loose powder in Transparent Beige, comes in typical plastic jar with a shifter and a sticker to avoid spillage.

This is definitely a mattifying finishing powder for me, light and comfortable on the skin thanks to the benefits of bamboo powder. I did swatch it in the space below the 2 swatches above but as it's transparent, you can't see it. The skin does look smoother and matte, and not dried out under this powder.

Note that this product also has a light scent. The puff that comes with the powder is soft and of good quality, but I prefer a powder brush. The jar has 0.7oz/ 20g, $26 (on sale for $15 right now).

Now we see some colours. This is the Eyeshadow quad in Precious Pinks (LE).

From the left, a shimmery gold highlighter, a satin dark grey (looks more like a darkened teal to me), a pinkish taupe and a shimmery pale pink.

Quality wise, the teal has better pigmentation than the taupe, but they are buildable and wear well on the lids.

The pale pink is a good brow bone highlighter for my skin tone, and the gold is for inner corners, not overly shimmery.

From the swatches, you can tell that the grey/ teal in this palette got my vote, and the other three shades are good companions. Each shade is 0.04oz/ 1,2g, the compact retails $21.

Then we have the Eyebrow pencil in Brown.

Supposedly infused with shea butter, the pencil however feels a little stiff on my brows (compared to the pencil I was using). This might be a little uncomfortable but on the positive side, it offers more precise application and needs less sharpening.

The spoolie brush at the other end is great for blending out the harsh lines. The colour is surprisingly not as brown on my brows and does not make them stick out from my hair colour.

The pencil has 0.03oz./1 g of product, $13 (on sale for $7.50).

And another favorite of mine among the bunch - the Sexy Pulp Collector Ultra Volume mascara in Black.

The brush looks big but is very gentle on application and coats the lashes well. The short handle is great for control. No clumping, no flaking or smudging (not promoted as waterproof, mind you), A+ from me!

The hold is not as long as the advertised 12 hours but pretty decent through out the day.

This gold packaging is a Limited Edition of the Ultra Volume mascara. The tube retails for $10, has 0.3oz/ 9 ml of product.

For the lips, there's the Moisturizing cream lipstick in Velvet Red.

With a satin finish, this lipstick is moisturizing and buildable. I would use it on top of a lip liner for full coverage or by itself for sheerer coverage. The pretty red cap with gold label adds to the pretty red of the lipstick, appropriate for your holiday parties.

It does have a light floral scent, but does not linger long after application. 0.13oz/ 3.7g, retails for $10, Limited Edition.

If you long for more glossy lips, try this Sexy Pulp Collector Plumping lip gloss in Taupe Rose, also a Limited Edition with the gold handle.

With very soft shimmer and the nude tone, sheer, not sticky nor heavy, this gloss is great on top of any lipstick.

The plumping sensation and effect is almost invisible, unfortunately.

Also sells for $10, the tube has 0.33oz/10 ml.

So... I gotta say there are quite a few gems in Yves Rocher makeup line. It just takes a bit of digging around and testing to find them. And I did this job for you already :) Have a great holiday whatever makeup you will be wearing!


  1. We have a local Yves Rocher store, but I've never used their makeup. I used to be super crazy about one of their coconut perfumes. Oh...fond memories.

    I think I'll check out their makeup too now.

    1. Yeah, I think they are more known for skin care. Hope you find some makeup you like :)