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NOTDs: Yves Rocher

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Check out these Yves Rocher mini nail polish from the Luminelle Fall/ Winter (Limited Edition) collection: Sparkling Gold (gold shimmer in clear base), Pink Ruby and Amethyst.

The colours are definitely on trend with holiday spirit. The brush is decent but small, because of the mini sized bottle. It would take more than 3 strokes to cover a nail, hence the whole mani requires patience, especially when the colour is sheer.

Just for reference, these bottles (3ml) are smaller than those from Sally Girl (5.3ml) and Essence Colour & Go (old design 5ml or new design 8ml), retail $2.95.

This is Pink Ruby, 2 coats on all nails, not at full opacity yet. The hot fuchsia pink colour is adorable, I can wear it all year round. You would want 3 coats if you wear it alone.

Here I used Sparkling Gold as a shimmer top coat to hide the VNL - one coat on pinky and 2 coats on middle finger and thumb. The gold shimmer turned the pink into almost a peach colour, which is quite awesome. Definitely recommend two coats of Sparkling Gold, for full shimmer effect.

You can see the size of the bottles compared to my hand when I'm holding them both for the pics :)

These two pics were taken outside, with indirect sun light as the sun was trying to come out behind the clouds, pretty colour accurate.

Another angle, to show you again the "peachyness" of the colour combo.

To sum this up, I enjoy wearing Pink Ruby by itself or with a shimmer top coat, just wish it came in a full sized bottle so I can work with a bigger brush, less strokes.

Keep reading to see Amethyst on the nails.

A lovely purple, but even without flash, the colour came off a little lighter and more blue than IRL.

Again, with the small brush, I had to dip it back in the bottles a few more times than normal and I was still left with a bald spot here and there.

All colours wore average on me (2 days), the finish is creamy and quite glossy, plus I always added a top coat anyway.

All in all, I like the colours, and the mini size is perfect for travel. For regular use, I would prefer full sized bottles for faster application.

It is cold out there today, so stay warm, everyone!


  1. I have one of those minis from the Tribal collection, it's green and it's called "Vert de gris". The colours from their permanent line (full-sized bottles) are also worth checking out. Yves Rocher polishes last very long on the nail.

  2. oh mini's~ how pretty you are~
    sparkling gold looks great layered over~