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NOTD: Gosh Golden Dragon

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Forget about Fall, Winter has arrived! After leaving snowflakes in Manitoba a few days back, it delivers 6 degree temperature (43F) this morning around here and will warm up to 10C/ 50F during the day.

And I have "snowflakes" (i.e. glitters) on my nails today too. This is Gosh Golden Dragon, with a slight duochrome effect in the bottle (hardly on the nails). The base colour isn't bad, but I expected a little more out of it, so I was disappointed.

It has been a while since Gosh came out with new interesting shades, what's up with that?

There's only one thing to do to a boring colour: top it up with glitters lol.

This is Revlon Star, one of the LE glitter top coats Revlon released a while ago. It's mostly silver glitters (of different sizes, which at certain angle appear holographic) in clear base.

I have used it in occasions like this to give me a reason to glance at my nails over time. Scroll down to see the glitters in details, you will see why.

I couldn't resist posting 2 close-ups where Star is subtle and intense just by the way the light hit it.

Totally a Winter inspired mani, isn't it? Though it also reminds me of the beach, glittering sand and cool breeze. Want a vacation now? :)

Talking about vacation, I can't wait until my next trip home in December. I'll miss Canadian Christmas, Boxing Day sale and lots of other things but I needed it. This year has been one of the hardest years I have been through my entire life, I wouldn't have last this long without the promise of this trip.

I hope my fellow Canadian readers had a nice Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my heart hanging in there, not giving in to the hardship that went at it, for Squirt for being the love of my life, sweet and loving, and for you, my readers, for the sweet comments and support on this blog.

I should probably leave it at that before I get all emotional here :)

Last pic, isn't it dreamy?

Back to the topic I love to talk about: shopping! I didn't want to brave the cold on Saturday, didn't have time on Sunday and nothing opened on Monday, so no makeup haul to report. I did get a few clothing items and shoes online with some Thanksgiving promotions.

How about you guys? Any good shopping scores? Awesome Thanksgiving meal? Or just generally an awesome weekend?

Just heard this morning that we are getting a Walmart Super Center, don't know if I should be excited lol.


  1. Love all this glitter! I wear glitter all the time even though it takes so long to scrub it off, lol. Ack vacation > slushy Christmas and huge crowds, I hope you get a chance to relax! And ahha Walmart is great, you can get wet and wild there ;)

    1. I am willing to put up with removal, as long as my nails look sparkly lol. Where I'm heading to in December is not slushy at all, I'm excited