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NOTD: Essie Pretty Edgy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

First shade to try from my nail polish haul posted yesterday: Essie Pretty Edgy, glitterized and mattified.

It's kinda hard to believe I hadn't owned this shade yet, quite a unique green now that I see it on the nails. And it's a pretty good cream, opaque in one thich coat or two thinner coats.

I wore this mani over the (rainy) weekend, did catch a few precious moments when it cleared up to snap this pic. With natural light, no sun, no flash, the colour is pretty accurate and the glitters show up better.

This one is with flash, to show you the matte shine. Does it sound like an oxymoron? Hear me out first.

To get this look, I added two coats of Nicole by OPI Bring on the Tinsel as a glitter top coat, then Claire's matte top coat on top. I always admire matte glitter looks on nail blogs but don't do it often enough on here. It turned out pretty awesome this way.

Bring on the Tinsel has green, red/ fuchsia and silver fine glitters in a clear base, a pretty good pairing colour to Pretty Edgy.

Bottle shot to show you the quite complex glitter combination. I appreciate the unique size of glitters in this case, taking a break from indies' chunky glitter mixes.

Ignore the uneven nail length here. The nail on my middle finger broke off real bad while I was trying on some jeans, and it took forever to grow it out. Having longer nails is not just for show to me, cause the tip of my fingers would hurt if the nails are too short. Can't tell you how mad I was when that nail broke.

Anyway, hope a little green on the blog brightens up your Tuesday. Have a great one!


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