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NOTD: China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I don't know if it's Sandy that brought us rain and grey sky today or it was just my grumpy mood, but I had a really hard time to set my mind to active mode this morning. Mondays have never been easy, that's a fact.

Anyway, the NOTD today is gotta be bright and cheerful. It's China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard, again from the kijiji haul I did a while back. I did miss it at Sally when the Summer Neons collection was out and then went on clearance, I am glad to have it now.

It is really neon, right in your face, isn't it?

I'm with the Lifeguard applies well and doesn't need a coat of white underneath to show up neon. Brownie points for that! However, I wore it by itself on the nails for like 5 minutes, then had to add something to it. I know this neon green would be a perfect canvas for some nail art, but again, I gotta find energy and creativity for that. Another time, lol.

The glittery top coat added here is OPI Save Me (again, I know). I needed some glitters but not too chunky to cover up the base colour. Quite a few people don't seem to like bar glitters but I'm indifferent.

You can see the bars better here. They show up different colours depending on the light and angle. But look at them in the bottle, holo effect eh?

I am slowly switching over to darker colours for the season, but when I need a pick-me-up, bright colours would do the job. What do I do without nail polish?

And if any of you wonder about my haul posts that are normally take the Monday spotlight, I have managed to avoid buying a lot makeup and nail polish lately. An item here and there, yes, but nothing to the magnitude of previous months, not worth a separate post. I still tweet about good deals and promotions besides the Weekly Flyer deal posts, so follow me on twitter, if you haven't already (the button is on the left side bar).

Have a great day, and stay safe!


  1. Omg, I just love this combo! I have to keep an eye out for that neon green np! It's GORG!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I hope you can still find it, as it was from the summer collection. Maybe something similar from regular line?