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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is more like "Last week finds", but we'll just go with the general theme for simplicity.

The most epic find would be the lipsticks from Shoppers' 3-hour BOGO event last Wednesday. I cracked my brain trying to think if I need anything, but as soon as I went in the store and saw these, I was sold.

THESE, are the L'Oreal Caresse lipsticks that quietly arrived on the regular shelf without me knowing. I thought there would be a huge display of some sort.

There were no testers, so I grabbed a few and check online swatches later.

First row, from L-R: Cardinal Plume, Blushing Sequin, Fiery Veil, Velvety Fuchsia and Violet Chiffon.
Second row: Rose Taffeta, Cotton Pink and Pink Cashmere.

These retail $12.99 regularly, a bit high for drugstore lipsticks, so a BOGO sale was perfect.

Another lemming killed - Annabelle TwistUps. I have been waiting for a sale to get them. Regular retail price is $10.49.

From top to bottom: Mai Tai, Fizz, Kinky Pink and Royale. Sorry the colours didn't show up well in the pic.

Rimmel lipsticks happened to be on sale that week for $5 (before BOGO), and there were testers.

From L-R: In Vogue (Lasting Finish line), #10, #12 and #90 (Lasting Finish by Kate line). I went for bright reds and corals, not really fall yet :)

Let's just say I am good in the lipstick department for the whole year lol.

Superstore offers a $3 off $12 coupon for Joe Fresh makeup this week, so I got a matte lipstick in Brick and a lip tint in Ruby, $6 each before discount. Both are darker than what I normally wear, now these are great for Fall.

Also found the one and only teal/ forest green bubble necklace, $14. Just in time to cure my crave after seeing these all over fashion blogs.

Words from Joe Fresh were that they came out with 2 colours for now (turquoise and raspberry) - can't say mine is turquoise though. There are 2 more coming in December (black and cobalt).

I know there are tons of these on ebay, but I love supporting our own Canadian brand. Plus, the necklace is of great quality, and I got all these on tax free day, my favorite time to shop!

From H&M's 25% off Metro Day last Thursday, I found some fabulous items.

I went in, planning to get a pair of pants and of course walked out without them lol, because of the sparkly cute awesomeness.

Got myself an opalescent necklace ($24.95 before discount) and a pair of flats with a cat face at the front for Squirt ($11.95), with ears and bows and everything. We were both excited. Wish these flats came in my size too, I can wear size 4 Girls. Yeah, I'm young in spirit :)

And lastly, a newly found love from Dynamite, I found this cheetah print dress on sale, couldn't get a good pic to show you how pretty it is, so I use stock pic this time.

Now I had a dress just like this from Topshop a while ago, paid quite an amount for it, but still couldn't leave this dress alone. I might try to be good and bring it back, but I don't know.

Reg. $44.90, now $25, wouldn't you grab it already? Note that Dynamite does not offer a refund on sale items but an exchange is possible. So you do have to find new things to buy if you bring something back. Think twice before pulling out your credit card. I'm trying to give you all information you need here :)

There is always a survey invitation on the receipt from Dynamite for 15% off your next purchase. It is very dangerous, speaking from experience!

Hope to hear what you got last weekend. And if you have favorite Caresse shades, do share so I can decide the must-haves. Have a great day!


  1. I feel like the upper row is a must have row, just cause of the colours, so nice and bright! Gotta check out swatches now...

    1. Yeah, the second row are the ones I don't normally get. Thought I should go out of my comfort zone lol

  2. Ooooh. I love that dress! And the Annabelle TwistUps are to die for as well! :oP

    1. A few TBBs also bought it, we might have a blogger uniform soon lol And yes, those are TDF!