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NOTD: China Glaze Some Like It Haute

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's a shame I waited so long to wear China Glaze Some Like It Haute from the Eye Candy holiday collection last year. It is glam, it is beautiful and it is glittery but it is dark, that might be why.

I started out with a blue/ teal colour on my nails (see below) but didn't feel like it was what I wanted. Not feeling crackles anymore, so a glitter top coat it was. Saw Some Like It Haute and thought it might be cool to see it over a coloured base.

And here we are, Some Like It Haute over blue :)

I was so glad that the idea worked out well. Some Like It Haute was sheer enough to allow the base colour to show through - Finger Paints Add & Abstract.

The dark base in Some Like It Haute changed the brighter blue in Add & Abstract into a dusty dark blue, which I really liked underneath different colours of glitters.

If they make a nail polish like this combo (if no one has done that already), I would buy it for the convenience. I'm bad at relating colours for dupes and stuff, all I know is this combination rocks.

Check out the glittery glow in this shot. The shade looks like it has multi coloured glitters in the bottle. On the nails, it looks mostly silver in the charcoal base. The random shine on the chunkier glitters, depending on the lighting source, makes it a really interesting colour.

Maybe next time, I'll try a purple or plum base with Some Like It Haute. I like a good glitter top coat, and dark base is just season appropriate. I'm trying to transition into Fall, still break out and try a bright one here and there, but I'm trying :)

On a personal note, I'm going through one of those roller coasters of emotions. Had a really bad night on Sunday, cried it out on twitter, felt like giving up. It was better yesterday, I lightened up a little, then was treated a crazy lobster dinner with all the jazz. Maybe I just need a good red lipstick then all is good in the world :)


  1. A, Hang in there. Life gets rough, but don't let it beat you down. You can be stronger than that, I know you can be. Anyway did the conference suck that much :(

    on the blog that combo! so glittery~ just the way I like it

    1. Thanks so much, my dear friend. I tried very hard, but slipped sometimes. You and me have the same taste for glittery np eh? :)

  2. This combo is beautiful. I now want!
    I hope your spirits pick up soon. Happy vibes going your way }}}}}}}