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Birthday hauls

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I had shopping in the brain and found some good deals to share with you.

Over the last few months, I have become a frequent customer at the Bay - a Canadian department store. It all started the day I found out that they carried BCBGENERATION bracelets, which I had been searching all over the internet for.

From one of the hauls, in the middle is the Fearless Affirmation bracelet in mint colour, on both sides are the Pyramid bracelets (Beige and Teal, not blue as it appeared in the pic), reg. $18 each.

My collection has grown since the day I took this pic. There seem to be only 4 colours of Pyramid, but endless options for Affirmation. They just keep popping up online (my store doesn't have these).

Also since then, I ventured out to their Expression and Material Girl jewelry lines as well. Remember this pic from a clearance sale haul back in June? This stash has grown too lol.

I am really into fashion jewelry right now, and find their pieces are pretty on trend, also reasonably priced (between $16 - $40). They are on sale often enough, so I don't pay full price ever.

From jewelry, I moved on to clothes (Material Girl, Topshop, etc.) and shoes, all the fun stuff. Between online and stores, sales don't necessary run the same, so I normally check both.

These are my latest finds from the clearance bin at my the Bay, yellow tagged, extra 40% off. Using some discount/ special promo they were running in the weekend, I got a really good deal.

Excuse my use of stock pics, as I can't get a good angle to show you the whole gorgeousness of them with my camera.

This one is R&Em Percy satchel in Malt, reg. $95. After all the discounts, I paid $22. Light yellow on the outside, red on the inside. Pretty awesome.

I never heard of this brand, but the style just got me. The material is really soft, and the bag is of a good size. I'm a little worried about the light colour, easy to get dirty, but I couldn't pass it up. Notice the little knot after the buckle? I do my belt the same way when the end is too long to let loose. Instant connection lol.

The second bag is Chocolate New York Chantel in Black, reg. $70, cost me $17. I could not find a pic of the black bag, so beige it is lol. The lace detail on the flap is harder to see with black anyway.

I really take advantage of my Hbc Mastercard, as the Bay always offer extra discount for card holders. Plus you get free shipping with $45 purchases (or $29 with beauty department) instead of the regular $149 with other cards.

With all this talk, please don't assume that I am doing any affiliation work for this company. I'm just an obsessed customer, they took all my money :)

Another store that I all of a sudden shop so much at: Old Navy. Fun clothes and shoes, especially when they are on sale, pretty cheap. There is always a coupon somewhere - in their emails, FB, on their receipts, etc.

Happened to come across these wedges on sale online, never saw them in stores. I was actually surprised that they were comfortable lol. Old Navy offer free mail return, or you can return in stores. Shipping is free with orders of $50 or more. Not hard. Again, in store and online deals aren't necessary the same, so browse both. I am actually waiting for another order on its way to me :)

First pair is the Color Block cork wedges, reg $29.94, cost me around $9 after all discounts. They look pretty well made, and not heavy. Cool bright colours, the ankle straps are helpful too. Awesome deal eh?

Second pair: Scarf wedges, reg. $27.94, I paid $14. The back of the shoes only come up to where the heels are, then the ankle wraps keep them in place. Even more awesome than ankle straps lol.

Other stuff that I found worth noting: selected sport bras (reg. $19.50) are on sale between $9 and $11 online. Didn't see the same deal in store last time I went in.

That's it for some of my bday finds, celebrating the day I turned older :) Hope to give you a bit of info about sales and where to find them. No makeup, but I hope it's helpful nonetheless.