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NOTD: Maybelline Denim Dash

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Boy, was I in for a big surprise with Maybelline Color Show in Denim Dash. I bought only 1 shade from the line at my Walmart to try out, and now I want more!

When I saw the sneak peek of the line, I was quite curious. Maybelline has done great jobs with their Color Tattoos and the Instant Age Rewind concealer that I've been loving, but has been pretty quiet with nail polish. A new line at drugstores is always welcome.

And I was so happy with Denim Dash, for quite a few reasons. First, it is a one coater. It has been a while since I found and wore one coaters (read La Senza nail polish), almost forgot how good they make me feel. Love the opacity, quick and easy.

Second, it is a matte with a light layer of extremely fine silver shimmers. I was not prepared to see Denim Dash with a matte finish (on all my nails except the accent nail which had a top coat on top). Note that the shade IRL is darker, like true denim colour.

You can click the pics to enlarge, they show the silver shimmers better. The top coat also dulled the shimmer, so pick your option with this shade :)

And third, only until the third day that minimal tip wear started to show up. Yes, it is a matte nail polish that did not chip the first few hours of wear, you don't see that often. Huge kudos to Maybelline.

There it is, the silver sheen in the bottle and on the matte nails. By day 2, I kinda wanted to slap a top coat on, as the matte started to turn a little shiny. But again, it's your personal choice how to wear it.

All in all, Denim Dash is definitely a winner. It would be a great nail polish to travel with, dries quick and lasts long.

Some more information about the Color Show line. There are 30 basic shades and extra 10 with effects:
- Denim (notice the word "Denims" on the cap label, under the word "Color Show"): with Denim Dash and Styled Out
- Metallic: Bold Gold, Navy Narcissist, Amethyst Ablaze and Blue Blowout
- Shredded: Purple Possibilities, Carbon Frost, Magenta Mirage and Silver Stunner.

Maybelline Color Show is available now at Walmart for CAD2.96 (6ml) and other drugstores in May for CAD3.99.


  1. Replies
    1. I hope the line is available everywhere, so more people can check it out

  2. I'm not in love with mattes but that sounds pretty good! Esp with that price point - I'm glad I don't live near a walmart;; I already have a problem with shopping !

    1. It just take a top coat to change the matte look, so you get 2 in 1 deal lol And the price is great

  3. great colour and super cute blog! xx

  4. I grabbed this one and Amethyst Ablaze today, hadn't seen them before at all but there are a ton of pretty colours:)

    1. They started showing up at my Shoppers (besides Walmart), so I'm hoping I'd see more colours (they were sold out so quickly)