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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have found myself online shopping more often than going to stores. They make it too easy to hand over your cc, don't they :) Stay tuned at the end for a little notice.

I have given in to the indie nail polish craze, just 2 purchases for now, but who knows later :)

From the famous Nerd Lacquer, I got the trio from the NerdCrush series - The Quantum Bluniverse, Cyance Friction and The Selfish Green.

Some background on this etsy store: the nail polish is so popular that the store only opens at certain time, and for a very short time period. Then the store is set on vacation mode (like right now) so the owner can fill orders and ship them out. And there's always the story of limited sources of supplies and time that most indie sellers face.

Due to raves on nail blogs, I couldn't pass up Nebula (from the Spaaaaaace series) and Gorramit (from the Firefly series) either. All 5 are heaven in the bottles and quite unique, don't you agree?

Nerd Lacquer sells for $10/ bottle, shipping to Canada for 5 bottles is $8.50. I placed the order on March 12, got shipping confirmation on March 27, and received the package on April 10, almost a month all together.

Harlow & Co also sells Nerd Lacquer but stocks are also low or sell out quickly. It is always a crazy race trying to order some pretties like these.

From Dollish Polish, I got The Cake is a Lie, 3 Best Friends that Anyone Could Have and Heart of Glass.

Same story, the store is on vacation mode at the moment. Dollish Pollish sells for $8 a piece, shipping to Canada for 3 bottles is $4.85. I ordered on March 11, got shipping confirmation on March 20 and I got them a week after. Less wait time than Nerd Lacquer.

One thing I don't like about etsy is that stuff doesn't stay in your cart when you are trying to get through with payment. If a certain item sells out before your payment is accepted, it just disappear from your list. It frustrates people.

At Lawtons, I found the Revlon Gucci Westman Escapism (LE Spring/ Summer) collection on clearance. These have quite short shelf appearance, I was surprised.

I got:
- ColorBurst lip glosses in Sizzle, Sunbaked and Bellini, $2.62 each. I didn't get Crystal Water as many people said it was just glitters, no pigmentation
- Nail polish in Sheer Seafoam and Surf, $.99 a piece. I passed on Gold Coast and Runway Pearl, saw no sign of Red Bikini.

After checking swatches online, I found out that Sheer Seafoam, while looking awesome in the bottle, is extremely sheer :(

For new display update, look what I found at Lawtons too - a brand new/ untouched Wet n Wild Color Icon LE collection called Be Jeweled.

If you haven't heard, this collection is Wet n Wild's version of China Glaze Prismatics. We have to pay about twice as much compared to the US (CAD3.99/ bottle), but at least we (the Maritimes) get them, and they are still cheaper than China Glaze. I'm hoping it will make its way to Walmart and Shoppers too but I don't know that for sure, unfortunately.

Now on to a bit of blog announcement, I will be posting less often on here from now on. A big nail blogger announced a hiatus yesterday, realizing that nail polish had taken over her life. I think I am on the same boat, not to the same magnitude but a similar case, which got me thinking a lot.

I have been blogging almost daily since the very beginning, knowing that it takes a lot of time and effort, but see that quite a number of posts don't get a comment for a while now. I do know that lots of people read and move on (I do too, most of the time), but maybe the things I post about don't spike enough interest for comments.

I appreciate all of you and am happy when you told me you found the blog useful, but I will slow it down, both blogging and shopping, before they become a source of frustration instead of inspiration. I am still around on here and twitter, if you need me. Have a great day!


  1. What Lawton's do you typically shop at? I haven't seen the Coloricon ones at all anywhere in Hali!

  2. I love those polishes you picked up from Etsy. I'm definitely going to pick a few up for myself!

  3. If blogging and shopping are becoming more a frustration than inspiration, then you are right to blog less frequently.

    Best wishes, and thank you for your support, my friend.


  4. Haha I found the Revlon collection on clearance at my Lawtons too! The jelly polish suuuuuuucks though. Eh, at least it was only a dollah!

  5. I read you! I just rarely comment on other peoples blogs.

    I had to take a break too, I literally had to stop reading nail blogs for a few weeks because it would eat up 3 hours of my evening, almost eveyday!

    While that isnt such a bad thing, I found that i was not doing as many crafty things or sewing, and even ran out of time for posting my own fabulous manicures.

    You have been consistent and I enjioy the stuff you post - love all the shopping deals you find ( .99 cents for Revlons? thats awesome! ) but I am finding that blogging and reading blogs and other stuff on the internet takes alot of time out of my day = so take a break!

  6. I read aaaalllll your posts, but many times I don't make comments because I don't know what to say, the posts, photos, the way you write, I like all, but I don't want to be repetitive and say I LOVE IT everyday, eh eh believe me.
    Now, about those indie nail polishes, the only ones I know are the Lynnderellas (I only have 3 in my collection), but those you are showing seem amazing, I'm curious to see some swatches, I hope that they sell to Portugal!
    From Prettifyournails

  7. Just my two cents. Lol. I read also, but don't comment because I don't really have much to say and the standard, great polish! Just doesn't feel enough, ya know. But it's good you're doing this. Blogging can definitely take over your life. I've taken multiple hiatuses since I started just to try and get some me time back.

  8. Also, I stopped following a lot of blogs I used to. It just made me want to buy buy buy and killed so much time. Literally ate my life. So again, take a break. Slow down. Enjoy life. A blog should be an extension of life, not your life, period. Love ya!!

  9. That is a really good Revlon deal! I found Revlon vital radiance lipstick at my Dollarama for $1.50 but I don't know if any Canadian reads my blog, so spread the word lol.
    I love your blog but it's better to post when you feel ready. I just got back after a year hiatus, in fact I was surprised I still had the blog

  10. Love all the wonderful nail polishes you got! Especially the Nerd Lacquer ones! :D

  11. i like those first couple polishes! have you heard of floam ??? I am not sure where to get it but i think its from an etsy seller

  12. I'm not a blogger, but I check your blog out very frequently and I think it's great! It's really great to see somebody Canadian. Eh? XD

  13. Thank you everybody for your sweet comments. It is very comforting to know you enjoy the blog and understand where I'm coming from.

    Julie, I found the display at Lawtons in Spryfield but it probably slowly shows up everywhere soon

    ShakeupYourMakeup, etsy nail polish are great, hope you grab some good ones

    Julie, thank you. You have always been there for me too

    Annick, yay you found some Revlon on clearance too :)

    Deez, it is a dilemma right? I love to stay in the loop with new stuff and swatches, but you are absolutely right about blog reading taking so much time of our day

    Tuli, thank you so much for your kind words. Lynderella is too hard to get, and I get tired of chasing it lol. I can't remember if the 2 stores I posted here ship outside US and Canada. Hope you can find out when they open, or maybe send them an email

    Perry, yes I noticed your breaks and was happy everytime I saw a new post. Def have to slow down a bit around here

    Lady Rosenred, thank you for letting me know. I'm at Dollarama quite often but didn't notice the Revlon lipsticks. All the best with the comeback after the break

    Hebridean Sprite, yes Nerd Lacquer got lots of raves in the community

    Erica, Floam from Nail-venturious is almost impossible to get, sold out within minutes everytime it was up for purchase both from her etsy and on Ninja Polish

    MA, thank you for reading the blog. We do need more Canadian bloggers :)

  14. I love your blog, and I read every post of yours. I just feel like if I comment on every post then I'm spamming.
    Also- I must check my Lawtons for those lip glosses!

  15. I also agree that we need more Canadian bloggers! Out of my 85 beauty blog subscriptions (sad, I know!), I think there are only 5 Canadian bloggers.

  16. I enjoy your blog as well but like others, i dont really leave comments.

    Im sure it takes a lot of time and effort to keep the blog if you need to take a break then do it! You deserve to do so...but dont stray too far cause i enjoy reading your posts :)

    P.s. I really like your posts on the "weekly flyer deals". Helps to see all the deals posted in one place :)

  17. Ally, thank you so much for the support. No you won't be spamming lol. THere are quite a number of Canadian blogs out there, see my follow list :)

    Harmony, I won't stray far away, don't worry :) Thank you for reading