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Lawtons nail polish clearance

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It was a rainy Friday, I wasn't planning doing anything after work other than my regular Lawtons round as usual. And oh boy, was I glad I did!

First off, some of you might have seen this display for L'Oreal Fall 2011 collection. That's what they call it for Canada, I am losing a bit of hope that we would be getting the whole Project Runway collection now. Why?

Because the 2 nail polish in this display - Cockatoo's Mystery and Owl's Lust are part of the Project Runway collection. Where is the rest? Nobody knows.

In the lower left corner are 3 brand new (matte) L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows - Sweet Strawberry, Coconut Shake and Pebble Grey. No testers, so I didn't swatch, but a blogger told me they have weird texture and aren't as good as the original Infallibles. Be warned!

Then, it was getting ridiculous when I got to the clearance corner, I couldn't believe it.

First I found the displays of Miss Universe and Nice Stem collections with red stickers. They weren't there last week. I did my best to control myself and only got It's My Year and I Lily Love You, CAD4.99 each.

It was late after Halloween, so the Wet n Wild On the Prowl display was all gone except Cougar Attack and Tangled in My Web laying around for CAD1.49 each. Mine!

Another shock. Remember I told you Lawtons got the whole display full of Del Sol Trick or Treat this year? Now the whole display was on 75% off. I got a few bottles to gift some friends. If you want it, let me know.

And lastly, not any less exciting, the Revlon Masquerade collection was there too. I grabbed Midnight Haze, Royal Cloak (gasp!) and Golden Charm, CAD1.37 each. So cheap!!!

Continuing with more LA Splash products being cleared out.

- From top to bottom: LA Splash liquid eyeliner in Tectonic Glitz, Sparkling Red Sea and Onyx, CAD1.74 each. I wanted to venture out with more non-traditional liner colours, even though I suck badly with liquid liners.

- From L-R: LA Splash Golden Moss, Starfish Silver, Abyss and Sparkling Wave, CAD1.24 each.

Note that only certain colours of these 2 product lines are on clearance, not all.

And Lastly, a LA Colors Color Craze mini glitter set, only CAD1.24 for Squirt to have fun with. No individual names. She also came home with some Halloween candy at half price from Lawtons too.

Hope this post is helpful for those of you who live near a Lawtons or are doing swaps/ CPs for friends. The staff told me they normally have LE or seasonal displays out for certain amount of weeks, then cleared them out. That explains why I keep having good luck finding great sales there. It takes a bit of hunting, as not all stores put clearance on at the same time.

Have a great weekend!


  1. omg suck good deals! the wnw on the prowl collection was impossible to find here! ok time to find a the closest lawtons lol

  2. Wow.. that's amazing. Enjoy! :D

  3. Wow amazing finds!! I don't think we ever get OPI on sale here =(

  4. amazing deals! :)
    let's hope mum will be as lucky as you when she hits the German drugstores ^^

  5. Orange-stickered Miss Universe? Damn you Lawtons! Damn you for luring me in and making me pay full-price!

    (Oh well, I find each of the Lawtons' move to the beat of their own drum. Mine are probably still hawking them at full price)

  6. Are Del Sol polishes those gems that change colours?!

  7. Oh wow, what an amazing clearance haul, if ever I have seen one. :)

  8. Leanne, Lawtons has been pretty good with LE collections from WnW. I'm hoping the new baked eyeshadows will show up too

    Tamara, thanks :)

    Sheila, only Lawtons does this clerance sale on OPI

    Chocaddict, I'm crossing fingers and toes lol

    Jilliterate, yep, I was kinda waiting to see if the collection goes on sale, and it did, so happy. I only found 1 Lawtons with orange stickers on them

    Delaynee, please click on the link I included above about Trick or Treat to get to my NOTD with it

    Twistedangelwings, thanks :)

  9. ARGH, i just spent $5+tax on Royal Cloak. i didn't want to chance waiting for clearance...
    i love their OPI clearance but it also pisses me off because all mine have massive, massive bins of polish that you can't even look through because there is too much. you never know what kind of gems are hiding!
    i got Lincoln Park At Midnight last week for 4.99 :)

  10. you seriously always find THE BEST clearance stuff xD

  11. Rebecca, if Shoppers included Masquerade in their $3 sale last time, I would have bought Royal Cloak already too. I have been browsing the OPI clearance since they were still on the racks. It is a pain digging through baskets, I know

    Rasilla, I probably do :)