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Shoppers haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you haven't seen all my hunt tweets, this was what I had been running around all Shoppers last week trying to find: Annabelle Gypsyland Fall collection.

Besides the 3 cool-looking tie-dye eyeshadows (with different colour dots running through the center), a gorgeous tie-dye face powder, 3 Glitterama eyeliners, a new Volumelip gloss, there are 2 new Smoothie eyeshadow pencils that you know I love. The Smoothies are now a collector item, which means I gotta have each and every Smoothie colour Annabelle comes out with, some backups if needed as well.

I apologize for not having the post up sooner before the sale at Shoppers ended (on Friday night). The short trip to Toronto took the better part of me. So this post is more to let you know about the collection and what it has to offer. According to the company, LE collections only last about a month at Shoppers before being taken off the floor. Wanna see what I did pick up besides the ?

Items I picked up:
- Smoothies in In Mauve-tion (actually a purple with blue sheen, not blue like in the pic) and Down To Earth
- Smudgepaint in Skyline, the pretty navy blue that I have always wanted to pick up
- Skin True concealer with a bonus mini Skin True foundation, supposedly a Shoppers exclusive, good way to try out 2 products in one pack.

I paid $6.99 for each product, thanks to the said sale. I see that Walmart is running similar promotion on some Annabelle products but I'm not sure if Gypsyland will be available there or not.

Last week, Shoppers also ran some awesome BOGO sale for certain Quo products, first time ever I saw such a good discount.

I picked up Quo Smoky eye palette #1 (blue theme) and #2 (purple theme), 2 for $21 (reg. $25 each). An awesome steal, wasn't it? Quo brushes were also on BOGO (which is better than the quite often 40% off offer), I picked some up as gifts for friends. How about you guys, my Canadian readers, did you take advantage of the sale?

Love Shoppers for all the promotions they run lately, if they could get all LE collections out faster so I didn't have to go to like 3 stores one after the other, that'd be awesome :)


  1. im mad at shoppers for their misleading revlon sale this week! i went there all excited to get the Edgy Elegance collection and Royal Cloak and Blue Mosaic for 2.99 but NONE of them were actually on sale. "selected types" were on sale. the cashier told me there were only like 2 on sale.
    and it was on the front page of the flyer!

  2. Me too! Brought up some bottles to the cashier just to find out they were full priced. It sucks that they exclude LE collections :(

  3. Annabelle has created another Gypsy! This LE colelction is really getting a LOT of attention. And those Smoothies? I LOVE!
    Psssstttt: I recreated a similar look this week-end with 2 Smoothies: Melonade and GrapeFull. I really liked the combination of both, which was a good'enuff dupe of the look she has on.

  4. MissIPP, the Smoothies could get a lot of tasks done, don't they? I'll try the 2 together and see what happens :)