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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So, the trip to Shoppers for their x20 point event last night didn't happen as I decided to do the redemption this weekend instead. I'm posting the weekend haul today.

Claire's was running 10 for $10 sale in the weekend, not sure if it's still going on. I found these 5 pastel nail polish shades with pretty bottle design, no individual names unfortunately. I wouldn't complain even if the colours suck on the nails, I just want to collect the bottles to tie me over until maybe one day I can grab some Ana Sui nail polish.

The rest of the loot was earrings, hair pins, Hello Kitty sun glasses (for Squirt), etc. Cheap accessories :)

Moving on to Lawtons clearance. These boxes each comes with 3 products and a $5 coupon to redeem toward a full sized product from the line. Retails CAD9.95, I paid half of that (the same value of the coupon). If I do use those coupons, I get my money worth. Good deal.

You know Marcelle AC Solution line is a staple of mine. The kit (right) has the Purifying Foaming Cleanser (50ml), Oil-free Moisturizing Balancing lotion (30ml) and Imperfections corrector (5.8ml, full size). Great for travelling.

Also wanted the Revival set as I have been enjoying the
Firming + Brightening Cream Serum, even when the line is meant for the 50+ age range. There is a Soothing Cleansing water (50ml), Intense Anti-Aging Day care (15ml) and Intense Anti-Aging Night care (15ml) in the box.

The New Age line is actually meant for my age range, the box has the Comforting Foaming cleanser (30ml), Anti-wrinkle + Firming Day cream and Night cream (15ml each). If you can't tell by now, I like the idea of these little travel sized sets.

BBW had the Home Scent even on Saturday. Squirt found the scent of her favorite ice cream - Mint Chocolate, so she begged for it. The large candles (14.5 oz) were on promotion 2 for CAD25, so I picked up Twilight Woods as well.

I'm not a big sweet scent fan, so I passed on the Halloween and Fall scents in store. But something else got me really excited about. Check out the pic below.

I had one of those $10 off $30 coupons by doing their survey, so I grabbed a few PocketBacs to make it to $30. In the pic are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Orchard Leaves and Charmed Life (with duplicates), 5 for CAD5. Also got a Glow in the Dark and a swirly blue PocketBac holders, CAD.50 each.

Promotion of the day was the free Bake Shop bag and 3 mini sized (1.6 oz) candles with any home scent product purchase. I love all 3 of the candles: Marshmallow Peppermint, Candied Sugar Plum and Holiday Gumdrop, for the pretty labels and pretty scents. This holiday is going to look good in the candle department. Someone stops me from going to BBW around Christmas time, please!


  1. oooh i might have to head to claires! i bought 2 of those polishes (not on clearance!) for swaps because they are so freakin' pretty!!

  2. I LOVE your "Weekend finds" posts!!! :)
    I MUST go to Claire's see if they have any nail polish left!!! The bottles are really cute but I REALLY like the pastel colors.
    Are they any good?? Did you try them out yet??

    Thanks for Sharing your Week-end finds with the readers :) It's soooo much fun!!!
    (especially for your local readers) :)


  3. those nail polish bottles are so cute!

  4. I always buy my Anna Sui points either when you get 20x the points or when I'm redeeming points too! I just picked up the Quo by Orly polishes as it was 20x the point if you spent $ adds up!

  5. Awww, Lawton's orange stickers -- they brighten my day!

  6. Oooh, Holiday Gumdrop??? I got Gingerbread which is a re-release. There are sooo many new candle scents coming up though. AND, I have purchased a ton of the Fall ones. :)

  7. Those nail polish bottles are so cute!

    and I think I will look around in the hope of finding some Marcelle kits half price too :)

  8. Thanks everyone for being as excited as I was with the little haul I had :)

    Rebecca, I don't even recall seeing them before clearance. Paying full price at Claire's is hard

    Comme3Pommes, thank you so much. I love to hear that the post is interesting/ useful for my local ladies. No I haven't got around to trying any of them yet, but soon

    MrsRexy, absolutely, but none of my Shoppers carries Anna Sui yet :(

    Jilliterate, they do mine too lol

    Kimberly, yes it wasn't an easy decision of what scent to get :)

    Cocovanilla, good luck :)