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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My Klean Color chunky holos finally came after a month being held over because of the Canada Post strike. I was so excited and they didn't disappoint - so pretty, in the sun or in the shade.

First row, from L-R: 228 Chunky Holo Candy, 229 Chunky Holo Poppy, 230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia and 231 Chunky Holo Scarlet.

Second row: 232 Chunky Holo Clover, 233 Chunky Holo Teal, 234 Chunky Holo Purple, 235 Chunky Holo Bluebell and 236 Chunky Holo Black.

They are only $1.75 each (50% off regular price) on Beauty Joint, and they ship internationally. For all 9 chunky holos plus 4 duplicates (which didn't make it in the package), I paid $9.66 for shipping, which wasn't bad.

I have been adding these on top of anything and everything I wore on my nails, it's a madness :)

Bath and Body Works added more items (or more discounts) to their semi annual sale. Wanna see what I found?

On the far left is Mango Mandarin Triple Moisture body cream, from the $4 bin, reg. CAD12.50. Mango seems to be the scent of this summer lol.

The Island Escape (LE) collection has been moved to the 75% off bin (was 50% off before), and I frantically dug in. Only found Bali Mango and Fiji Passion Fruit fragrance mists, CAD3 each. No body scrubs, and no Hawaii Coconut. Check your store quick if you want any of these, as they told me sales end on Wednesday.

On the right is Orange Sapphire Triple Moisture body cream, also 75% off.

And the craziest discount of all time: 90% off (which wasn't available up until last week). Can't say that I ever saw a discount this huge before at this store.

I got P.S. I Love You Triple Moisture body cream and body lotion, and Moonlight Magic body lotion and fragrance mist, paid between CAD1.10 to CAD1.25 each. If you like Sweet Pea scent, it was in this corner too.

If you still have one of those "$10 off $30" discount code from doing their survey (invitation is printed at the bottom of your previous receipt), you save even more.

From Winners, I found a set of 5 nail polish from Borghese Tutti Gelati collection from last summer, CAD19.99. Don't know if this is old news, but it was my first time seeing it.

From L-R: Limoncello, Tutti Gelati, Miraschino, Berry Confezione and Pistacchio. The only shade missing in this set is Menta, I wonder why we couldn't have all 6.

Also grabbed Stila One Step Makeup foundation in Tone, 15ml, CAD6.99. There was only 1 shade available so I got it, hoping for a good match, but it is lighter than Medium, so I'm not sure. The full size version (30ml) is on Stila's "Last call" page for $14.99, so the price is right :)

Last stop was Shoppers, I redeemed points for some perfume gift sets for family when I come home for a visit.

Picked up a few items on sale for myself:
- Annabelle Skin True foundation in Soft Tan, CAD7.99 (reg. CAD10.49). Heard good things about it, gotta try it.
- L'Oreal True Match foundation in Sun Beige (W6), CAD9.99. I can't remember its regular price but it was good saving
- Travalo atomizer, CAD9 (reg. CAD12.99)
- L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base, CAD9.99 (reg. CAD17.49, I think). I happened to find the bonus pack with the the Studio Secrets Anti-dull skin primer attached (20ml), so it was nice.

Did you know that at Shoppers when you buy the Travalo for the first time, you can have it filled up for free with any perfume on the shelf, and only pay $5 for further refills? I was excited when the SA told me, and picked Lise Watier Bora Bora. The perfume was sold out but they still had the tester at the back. Score! :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a miserable rainy Saturday but it was beautiful on Sunday.


  1. I had no idea about the Travalo deal. Thanks for the heads up! I will go back to Shoppers AGAIN & pick one up :P

    Also, really good deal on the Stila foundation. It's selling for $16.99 at the Winners here, not a good deal at all!

  2. Ashley, yay for a good deal :) Are you sure the $16.99 bottle isn't the full size. Mine is mini