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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It was a good long weekend around here. We had great weather, were outside a lot. I finally made my way to the only Icing store in town to get a few must-haves. The store was so out of the way, it took me a while to get there. This just proves how much I am crazy about nail polish, doesn't it?

Here are Icing's Charlie Sheen-inspired nail polish: Tiger's Blood, Epic Winning, Rock Star from Mars, plus another glitter bomb Bird of Paradise. There are tons more glitter awesomeness on the shelf but I tried to be good. These are CAD5 a bottle, buy 1 get 1 half off, i.e. CAD3.75 each if you buy them in pairs.

Then I grabbed 2 of the same Icing Duality nail polish duo in Force of Love (supposedly a close cousin of Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe) and Magnetic Attraction. CAD8.50 each or CAD6.38 if you buy 2.

From the "5 for $10" corner, I picked up all 3 shades they had Turn Me Away, Hot Cakes and Lang Lo. I don't normally wear reds, so the 2 bottles here would probably go to my mom. Lang Lo is a bit more red, Hot Cakes has magenta/ purple sheen in it, while Turn Me Away is a pretty blue/ turquoise.

On the right is a 10-pan eyeshadow palette housed in a small beautiful glossy black clutch. The colours are pretty and the clutch is cute, a decoration piece for sure. Sorry for the flare, the plastic wrap was still on when I took pics.

And the last item in the 5 for $10 bunch is this Flaunt Beauty set called Bronze Get Away, with an eyeshadow in Pink Leopard, a bronzer in Summer Glow and a lip gloss in Golden Pink.

The set retails for CAD17, I paid CAD2, gotta be the best saving of the haul :) Any items above CAD17 that are on sale would be CAD5 during the promotion, so this set just barely made it above the limit, lol.

Also a little note for those who are Claire's fans, they are having 10 for $10 sale going on. No nail polish this time, but I got a bunch of socks/ tights and cute rings.

Back to the mall, I walked into a heaven of 50% off makeup clearance at Lawtons.

- Marcelle Sun Dune Bronzing pressed powder in Elevation. It is huge, as you can see - 16.9gr/ 0.59oz, reg. CAD17.95
- Annabelle PlayA bronzer in Copacabana Glow, reg. CAD12.50. Just for comparison, this Annabelle bronzer is only 6.5gr/ 0.22oz.
- Marcelle Lux gloss Creme in Lolita, reg. CAD10.95, and
- Marcelle Waterproof Lip Definition in Coral, reg. CAD9.95.

The SA told me they just put these red stickers on them that morning, so I hit the jackpot at the right time :) I think I'm all bronzer-ed out this summer after this purchase, but they are all LE and I don't want to miss out.

Lawtons is also clearing out a few items with discontinued shades or packaging changes:
- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector in Medium, CAD2.50
- Montagene Jeunesse masks, CAD.99 each. Only selected types, not all.
- Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks in Sweet Nectar and Blushing Brunette, CAD2.50 each. There were a few darker shades of these on clearance as well but they didn't work with my skin tone.

If you have a Lawtons near by, check out the shelves as your favorite products might be on sale for cheap. I love when this happens :)

Bath & Body Works has been having their semi-annual sale for a while, and they offered a $10 off $30 coupon for the weekend, so I went :)

Aiming for maximum savings, I grabbed those items that were 75% off or pretty close to that. From the Signature collection:
- Deep Aqua body lotion (reg. CAD11), CAD1.85 after all discounts
- Coconut Verbena body lotion (reg. CAD11) and triple moisture shower cream (reg. CAD12.50), I paid CAD2.70 each.

It was so easy to get sucked in with a sale like this, so many items on great discounts.

On the left is the Anti-bacterial Hand spray in Nectarine Mint, CAD.73, lol. Anybody could use some sanitizer in their life, right? :)

The scent stackers were 75% off but scents and products were limited. I picked Country Chic fragrance mist and shower gel, White Citrus fragrance mist and Sweet Pea shower gel, CAD1.28 each.

I couldn't find the body lotions in the same scents to complete the 3-piece stacks. Good thing the bf found some Country Chic body lotions where he lives, I am happy as it's one of my favorite scents.

I also took advantage of the 40% off last ticketed price promo at GAP Factory store. The sale was great, many items were already heavily discounted before the 40% off, and I had a 15% off coupon to pair with that.
Some extreme savings I witnessed:
- A $59.99 dress was red-tagged for $16.99, after 2 discounts, it was only $8.66 (85% off)
- A pair of shorts that retails for $39.99 was on sale for $5.99, and I paid $3.05 (92% off).

Even with items on full price, with the 2 promos, I could still save around 50%, can't complain.

Did you do some shopping this long weekend? Or had a good time relaxing and not doing much? It's good either way, right?


  1. Great haul! :) I love the nail polishes you've got. The bronzer looks so tempting! <3

  2. Awesome deals! Great Marcelle finds!! I am jealous of your Lawtons lol That coral lip liner looks FAB!!! The huge bronzing powder, I have it :) very nice and will last you FOREVER!!! LOL

  3. Awesome haulage! I grabbed those exact same four glitters from Icing too! Hee! Those duality polishes are pretty nice, but they seem to dry out faster than regular polishes.

  4. Love the haul - I wish we had Lawtons here!

  5. Sara, yes I was obviously tempted lol

    Mel, I love my Lawtons :) Forever sounds like a serious commitment huh?

    Original Wacky, thank you :) Funny that we picked the same shades. Ohh if the duality dries fast, I gotta pull it out to use real quick

    J, thanks hun

  6. Great Icing score! I have all the ones in the top picture....they are seriously beautiful!

  7. Melissa, we have the same line of thoughts huh? :) I want more lol

  8. I always love your weekend posts XD
    I mean to see all the lovely things you were able to snagg? tres awesome^^

  9. What and where is this Icing place? I gotta get into Lawton's more often, there's a SDM near my house so that's where I usually get my drug store makeup...

  10. J, Icing is at Dartmouth Crossing. Lawtons is great when stuff is on clearance :)