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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I don't normally get too excited about Monday, but try to be today, as it's the bf's birthday, and it's sunny out! Plus, I have a haul for you :) Good enough reasons?

Shoppers had x20 points on Saturday with a few Saturday-only deals, I thought I should check them out.

Small items first, I grabbed Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Fuchsia and ColorBurst lip glosses in Fire, Papaya and Strawberry, CAD4.99 each. These retail CAD10.99 regularly, so this was over 50% off. I think for the rest of the week, they are CAD5.99 a piece, can't remember exactly.

Last time I hauled ColorBurst lipsticks, I wasn't much into fuchsia colour. I am now, which explains the lone lipstick. And the lip glosses, 2 creams and 1 shimmer, I hope for good coverage as some reviews mentioned.

Quo brushes were 40% off for the day too, so I took the opportunity to grab the Aluminum brush set (on the right) I had been eyeing, reg. CAD45.

It has:
- Blush brush
- Foundation brush
- Crease brush
- Eyeshadow Definer brush
- Angled Eyeliner brush.

The handles are studded bronze aluminum, colour-coordinating with the bronze faux croc case. Totally sold on that!

A surprise find in store was the set on the left - Quo The Flawless Face brush set, brand new.

Also CAD45 regularly, with 5 brushes:
- Face Contour brush
- Foundation brush
- Large Concealer brush
- Fan brush
- Bronzer brush.

The brush roll is metallic hot pink, to go with the pink brush handles too.

I know I don't need 2 sets but I couldn't make up my mind in store, and I had to run for the bus. Do you guys want to give me your thoughts of which set to keep? I'm leaning toward the Aluminum set, but the Flawless Face has the stippling/ skunk brush that I can't say no to.

My buddy over at I Colour Outside the Lines tweeted about Sally having extra 50% off red-tagged items, and I had to go see for myself. These Finger Paints were CAD2.99 on the tags, so I paid CAD1.50 each.

First row, from L-R: Primary Color, Coral Complement, Rose Patina and Private Collection.

Second row: Whose Hue?, Gallery Glam, Artist's Sapphire, Artistic Azure and Add & Abstract.

Better colours this time, isn't it? Last time I saw this sale on Finger Paints, they were mostly in the red/ pink colour family. I doubt that the sale goes on pass the weekend, but you can check with your store. For more timely sale updates, follow me on twitter :)

I also did some huge purchases at La Senza's semi annual sale. How can you not?
- Cotton bras CAD6.99 (reg. CAD19.50)
- Push-ups, double push-ups, ITEC bras between CAD9.99 and CAD16.99 (reg. $26.50 - 39.50), undies 10 for CAD30 (reg. $7.50 - 12.50). Beauty products are on sale too. And that's not all.

There is 10% discount if you have their Prestige card, and "$10 off $40 purchase" code from doing the survey (invitation is printed at the bottom of your receipt). I did have a code from previous survey before this sale, but if you don't, and have a lot to buy, make a small purchase to get the invitation and come back for the rest when you have a code, and get more invitation (the ball keeps rolling). You'd be surprised how much the savings add up to. Let's just say I paid around CAD11 for a $39.50 double push-up bra. Good enough?

Bath & Body Works also runs their semi annual sale with awesome discounts. They also had the same survey offer for "$10 off $30 purchase" codes a few months back. I haven't made any purchase lately, can't confirm the promo is still going on, but it doesn't hurt to check with the store.


  1. great deal on those revlon lipglosses, pretty sure I paid $10 for mine back when they first came out. ;P

    SDM is having a "Secret" 20x the points event this Wednesday too. ;)

  2. Those Finger Paint shades are awesome, and I think you'll enjoy the Colorburst glosses, I have the Strawberry one and I'm already planning on getting Papaya. x

  3. The Revlon lip glosses are awesome! I have both Papaya and Strawberry and I love them!! Papaya is my everyday color.

  4. We got 8/10 of the same shades, Private Collection far surpasses my expectations, it shines pink green when on. Just beautiful.

  5. Wow great haul, you got a lot of great deals!

  6. I say keep both Quo Flawless Face brush set. The Aluminum brush set looks a bit boring what with your average blush & foundation brush. The stippling brush is much more exciting :)

  7. Justine, yeah I spent too much on Saturday, probably don't need another x20 lol

    Rocaille, Papaya is really a nice colour for everyday wear. I do like them

    Poetic Realist, absolutely :)

    C, really? Gotta try that one next. I was surprised seeing a white in the sale bunch

    J and Elaine, thanks :)

    Ashley, you gotta see the Aluminum set in person (my pic sucked), the handles are awesome, but yeah, the stippling brush... lol