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Summer Beauty Tour sneak peak

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Summer is coming soon and we have a special way to celebrate with you. 7 Beauty Bloggers have initiated a Summer Beauty Tour for you, our readers, to win some fabulous CASH prizes.

In our very first Summer Beauty Tour, you are in for:
Grand Prize: $200 Cash
First Runner Up: $100 Cash
Second Runner Up: $50 Cash.

Prizes were contributed by us, no sponsors, our genuine way to show our gratitude to your readership over the years. And cash prizes give you the most flexible way to reward yourself, either with some beauty products, or spa treatment, or summer clothes shopping. You don't want to miss this!

The giveaway will be very easy to enter and is open internationally so keep your eyes open on June 14, 2011 when it goes LIVE.

Make sure you follow our blogs for more info.
- Faces By Farah
- Everyday Makeup
- Toronto Beauty Reviews
- Emily Loves
- Dot..Dot...Dot...
- In The Pink Of Things
And me - Sparkled Beauty.

Hope you all will enter :) And to end a fun post, I have a fun pic for you.

This is a spectacular shot of the thunderstorm we had last Wednesday night.

The storm was going on for a few hours, didn't bother me but lots of people lost sleep. Areas lost power. Some night flights couldn't land and were detoured to somewhere else. You know how bad all that could be.

Gotta admit it was a spectacular light show though. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Credit: Ahmad Tawakol Photography.


  1. Wait . . . you took that picture?!?!!? It is incredible! Wow.

  2. Sparkled Beauty
    Congrats on the Pursebuzz win!I am so happy for you (and a teeny bit jealous LOL).
    So lucky!

  3. Emily, no, I credited the source. Wish I could be that talented :)

    Raina, thanks for noticing :) Wish I won more than 1 palette so I can do a giveaway for you guys