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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My first serious shopping trip since I was back from the States was last the weekend. Some lucky finds, some hilarious finds. You'll see why :)

First stop was Shoppers on Saturday for their x20 points. I was planning to grab some Dermaglow on sale for 50% off (The promotion is on until June 17, so you still have time to check it out) but the items I wanted weren't part of the sale. A quick note that there is a secret x20 point even tomorrow (coupons are emailed and posted on their FB too, I think) if you missed the one on Saturday.

I was wandering around the clearance section (as always) and found some Quo palettes. Scored, I have been wanting to get them, just waited for a 40% off sale.

From Mother's Day collection:
- Beauty Bliss Colour Collection, 50% off from CAD50.
- Baked Beauty Box, reg. CAD35, on sale for CAD18.49 (around 47% off).

From the Spring collection:
- Spring Goddess palette in Athena, reg. CAD25, on sale for CAD15 (40% off).

Let me show you inside the palettes.

The Beauty Bliss Colour Collection has 35 eyeshadows (1.7gr each), 15 lip glosses (0.8gr each) and 6 blushes (7gr each).

A good range of colours for eyeshadows and glosses. The blushes are huge, the 2 shades on the left are more like bronzer, the next one is highlight and the rest are blush colours (pink and peach). It also has a big mirror on the inside of the lid.

Good value for the money, that's for sure. Feel free to click for larger view, if you need to see the shades.

The Baked Beauty Box has 6 eyeshadow trios (4gr each), 2 highlighters  - one single, one duo (3.5gr each), 2 blushes(3.5gr each) and 2 sponge applicators, plus a mirror. Don't know if you can tell but the products are in dome shapes, like most baked products are.

I think the baked palettes have always been the first to sell out every time Quo put out one. I didn't catch any of their baked palettes from all past releases until now. I'm happy (well, until the next palette, lol).

The Spring Goddess palette in Athena carries with 4 eyeshadows (1.7gr each) and a sponge applicator on the first tier, a blush (3gr), a lip gloss (2.2gr) and a tiny brush on the second tier (to pull out from underneath). Also comes with a good-sized mirror.

The Beauty Bliss still is the best value, but this box would be good for a short one-night trip type of things when you don't have to pack too much.

Kudos to Quo for having these awesome palettes, with mirror and gorgeous packaging. And I have no doubt of their quality either.

At Winners, I happened to find this Paula Dorf Perfect Double-ended Brush set for CAD29.99.

I remember JuicyTuesday raved about brushes from this brand. Seeing its regular retail price tag of $95 (i.e. I get almost 70% off), I bought it. This pic is what shown on the back of the box.

The dual ended brushes that come in the set (all synthetic, 100% cruelty free):
- Groomer and Brow
- Liner and Smudge
- Sheer crease and Eye shadow
- Foundation and Total Camouflage
- Powder and Cheek.

If you had tried these brushes before, please let me know what you think.

Also found a Color Club ArtClub Nail Art glitter set, CAD12.99. I think I saw these before at Winners but went for the nail polish instead. Are they any good?
The colours are glittery black, gold, turquoise, purple, blue, red and silver, and a sealer. Don't know if this would inspire me to start learning nail art.

First time to find the Color Club Alter Ego Keep It under Cover set, CAD12.99. I have been wanting Alias, was glad to find it. Other colours in the set: Alter Ego, Secret Agent, Total Mystery, Ulterior Motive, Masquerading and the Vivid top coat. Dark colours, so me huh?

I had to stop by La Senza to use my surprise gift card (got for free with $10 purchase about a month ago). It could value up to $500 but of course I only got $10 lol, spent it on some nail polish, CAD6.50 each or 2 for CAD10.

First row, from L-R: Polynesian Purple and Ho Chi Mint

Second row: Santiago Chile, Berry Barbados, Santorini Sunset and Parisian Pink.

I don't normally like pink/ red nail polish, guess I was longing for summer with bright/ neon shades on my nails. These colours are quite brighter IRL. We'll see how well they show up on me.

All shades are new this spring except for Santiago Chile and Parisian Pink which are from the core line. Don't know the spring shades are LE or permanent though.

Old Navy is having extra 50% off on adult clearance stuff (kids stuff was only extra 30% off), so I grabbed a coupon ($10 off $50) and went shopping :)

Did find some cool dresses and tops for me and Squirt for cheap, but they aren't anything special to show. I gotta tell you about these 2 pairs of boots though.

They were the last ones of their kinds, and only in 1 size - my size.

Guess how much they were? There was no price tags on them, so I asked the girl to check. She went back smiling at me.

And she said CAD1.49 a pair, that's before 50% off, lol. That was my lucky day! The boots aren't anything fancy, but now I don't have to feel bad if the snow and salt on the road ruin them. Until next fall/ winter that is :)

Claire's is having 10 for $10 sale again over the weekend. I don't know how long it lasts, so call your store first if you plan a purchase. Didn't see any new nail polish on clearance other than the Venomous Villain dupes, but I got a bunch of rings and hair accessories.

We didn't have a long weekend like you guys in the States did, but hope you all have a good weekend. We have the first sunny day here today, right for the morning. We were waiting for the bus in the sun, it was so relaxing :)


  1. Great buys! Esp the ON finds! Score!

  2. I have never found such a great deal at Old Navy, I'm slightly jealous now ;P
    I already bought the Borghese brush set from Costco but I don't like it much. If I find the PD brush set, I may just pick that one up too.

  3. Hahaha-love the 75 cent boots!! One time I got a shirt there for $1.49 and I though that was a good deal!
    Great Quo palettes, will have to check them out!

  4. Thank you ladies :) Lol about the ON sale.

    Ashley, you don't like the Borghese brushes? I so wanted one when the youtuber mentioned it, maybe I'm not missing out much.

    Tracy, $1.49 for a shirt is awesome too :)