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Cover Girl Anniversary LE compacts

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I bet you have seen pictures of these compacts with awesome packaging before. When Cover Girl tweeted/ FB'ed about their African-inspired Anniversary CLEAN compacts, I kept hoping we'd see them around here soon. The other night, I saw this post on I Colour Outside the Lines, went and called up the SA at my Shoppers (whom I know so well by now cause I go there too often, lol) right away. He confirmed they just got the display in.

On top of that, all last week, up until Friday, Shoppers celebrated 50 years of Cover Girl by offering x50 points with $25 Cover Girl purchase. You know what I was going to say, right? Double promos!!!

Sorry that the promo was over already, but if you are interested in getting these, Shoppers is running x20 points today or $10 gift card promos for the rest of the week.

I wanted to get all 3 patterns, but unfortunately we only gets 2 around here, no blue zebra prints at all. I confirmed this at Shoppers and Lawtons where I saw the display.

And not only that, there were only selected shades with these packaging, and you would be lucky to find one that matches your skin tone. Most are on the light side, I got the green snake-like print, for sensitive skin in the darkest shade there was, 235 Medium Light. It was CAD8.99 this week.

Additional items to get to the promo limit: Cover Girl LiquilineBlast in Violet Voltage, CAD8.99 and Cover Girl LashBlast Volume in Blue, CAD8.99. It might sound funny but I didn't know the LashBlast mascaras come in any other colours than black and brown, until now. Thought it might be fun to try a blue one.

Hope your weekend is going well. I passed out a few hours this afternoon, was just so tired for some reason. I might sleep through the long weekend coming up too, lol.


  1. OMG they are here? I didn't see any today! I'll have to keep my eye out for them-so cute!And LashBlast in Blue!! That's my fave mascara! Ok you got me all excited lol.

  2. The Clean makeup compact smells sort of like Noxzema..I used these products as a teen and when I opened it I got such a sense of nostalgia:) Thanks for the mention!!!

  3. I didn't know lash blast comes in blue!!! I bet it doesn't come in a blue waterproof formula though.. so until they do (assuming they don't right now) I won't be trying the blue. Actually... I don't really like the bulkiness of the lash blast want... always gets on my eyelid and cheeks...

  4. i think that may be i will try lashblast volume , thanks for sharing

  5. Tracy, glad I got you all excited :)

    ct1980, the compact has a plastic cover so I haven't smelled it yet. Still have to finish my finishing powder before trying this one out

    Helen, I forgot to check if it was waterproof. I was too excited about the colour lol

    Beauty Combat, the SA said the Fusion does both voluming and lengthening but needs a bit of work. The Volume is easier to use. Hope you'll like it