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Quo and The Body Shop haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Alright, here's my "retail therapy" de-stressing haul last weekend, lol, as promised.

I have been waiting for a 40% off sale for Quo at Shoppers for a while, had some items in mind from their spring release.

I grabbed the Quo Bamboo brush set first thing. This is the newest brush set they come out with since the holiday collection. And... mwahahaha... it's finally mine!

Comes in the paper box is a pouch/ brush roll and 4 dual-ended brushes, reg. CAD40:
- Power/ Angled Blush brush
- Spot Concealer/ Concealer brush
- Blending/ Fine Point Liner brush, and
- Angled Brow brush/ Brow spoolie.

I am most excited about the Spot Concealer brush. Lately I have been using Vichy Dermablend Corrective foundation as spot concealer, with a regular small concealer brush. I need an extra brush to rotate so I don't have to wait after one is washed.

Other items I picked up with the sale:
- Quo Smokey Eyeshadow palette #1 - blue theme, reg. CAD25. I also wanted the bronze palette but it was out of stock
- Quo Electric Eyes Pencil crayon in Spark, reg. CAD12. It's white with multi chrome sheen, mostly blue and silver, very pretty
- Quo 360o mascara, reg. CAD15. Interesting brush
- Quo Bronzing Powder brush with hot pink handle, reg. CAD22. Quo was smart bringing out some colour options for the brush handles. They are certainly more fun than the traditional grey. I want to use this as a stippling brush for foundation, hope it works out.

And last stop at the mall was The Body Shop. They ran the 3 for CAD30 sale for everything in store, except makeup and gift sets. I figured it was the best time to grab fragrances, as they are normally not cheap.

I got 2 bottles of the Dreams Unlimited EDP (50ml, reg. CAD32 each), and a bottle of Love Etc. EDP (50ml, reg. CAD29.50). With the LYB discount, I paid CAD9 each, not bad.

I also got 2 big candles from Bath & Body Works, on sale 2 for CAD25. Liked some new summer scents they have right now. Also Pocket Pacs are 5 for CAD5, good time to stock up.

One good thing I did this week was finally booking our flights to go see the bf. I've been stalking the airline websites like a hawk, wondering when it is a good time to snatch good seat sale. The plan for IMATS NY is crushed, but maybe IMATS LA, just maybe :)


  1. Wow great haul!! Looks like I'll be stopping by SDM on my way home and seeing if I can grab something.

    I really like your proud Canadian Beauty Blogger badge!! Is that something you made yourself or did you get it from somewhere else?

  2. Kee, thank you :) The 40% off Quo was Saturday only, so it's prob best if you wait for the next sale to save some $.

    The badge was made by one of the bloggers. Feel free to use it for your blog :)

  3. Those brushes look amazing. I'm a big fan of that powder brush, it looks so soft!

  4. Nice haul!! That pencil sounds pretty-can hardly wait for your review!
    I love the idea of these brushes, but how are you going to store them?

  5. Yes, I'll definitely wait! In the meantime, I'm going to peruse and see what I'll get when the next sale comes along!

    I'll definitely use the badge in my blog! It's great!

    I got the Nubar haul from Fernanda's Beauty and Spa Supplies. I think they ship too! Here's the website.

  6. Love B, Quo brushes are of good quality, I hope this set won't disappoint

    Tracy, Quo has a bunch of these pencils but Spark caught my eyes. Will def review it for you. For the brushes, I'll have to store them sideway on the counter or on top of the brush holder. Not very practical, I know

    Kee, browsing is a lot of fun, I do that all the time (then wait for a sale, lol). And thanks for letting me know about Fernanda's.

  7. Wow I have never seen that brush set, looks great! Now I will be on the look out for it lol

  8. You're welcome! If you do end up getting some polishes....I wanna see the haul please!

  9. J, I would have missed if if a blogger didn't post a twitpic of it :)

    Kee, I have been telling a few bloggers in Toronto about the store lol I'll be in town in May, maybe will drop by for a little spree

  10. Do you know how often Quo cosmetic have 40% off on their products? I have an eye on Quo Smokey Eyeshadow palette for a while, but only saw 40% on their brush. Did you use it already? looks pretty awsome! I love Quo's products but wish the price can be more reasonalbe. Love your blog!

  11. There's no fixed schedule of Quo going on sale, unfortunately. I haven't seen Quo makeup 40% off for a while :( The lowest I saw the palette on sale for was $20. I only swatched it, haven't actually used it on my lids. Thanks for reading my blog :)