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Marcelle Multi-Colour palettes

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

New this Spring at a store near you: Marcelle Multi-Colour palettes. You know I love anything with multi colours, multi purposes. They are awesome for travel or when you are in a pinch. Above all, Marcelle is a Canadian brand, and their price range isn't over the top.

Here they are, in natural lighting:
- Multi-Colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil (left), and
- Multi-Colour Powder Blush in Pink Fusion (right).

What's your first impression when you see them? Me, love! :)

The original state of both palettes, before I swirl my little brush into them :) If I wasn't swatching for you guys, I probably leave them on the desk for a few weeks before I could bring myself to use them.

I'd also call these multi-purpose palettes, as besides sweeping the brush for a single colour outcome, I use each and every strip in the palette as well, blush, highlight, etc. And to my surprise, against my preference of colours, I actually like Luminous Veil more than Pink Fusion.

Let's get to the swatches to show you what I mean.

The Multi-Colour Face Powder - Luminous Veil. Swatches of the first 3 strips on the top, fourth strip on the left and last one on the right.

I was actually surprised that the last 2 shades are pigmented enough to capture on camera. And this explains why I want to use them more as eyeshadows and spot highlight. Very pretty!

Here I used dry brush, with no primer, a little heavy handed to show you the colour, but I don't think that is necessary.

The powder strips are tightly pressed, no fallout that I noticed when I dipped my brush in. They give beautiful ans smooth finish, without being glittery or chunky.

The Multi-Colour Powder Blush - Pink Fusion. The shades are obviously more pink.

Interestingly, the first first strip (which looks like a light beige) actually swatches with a gorgeous pink wash of colour, more pink than the second strip. I did swipe my brush between swatches, and actually redid the first swatch, but it still appeared the same way. I use the second strip as highlight instead, as it is sheer :)

The bottom 2 shades, again, are gorgeous. Sometimes, I target my brush to only the last 3 strips for a pink cheek look, instead of just a sheer shimmer. Ambitious, am I not?

The quality is equal between the 2 palettes, which I'm glad. It's so yesterday where powders come out chalky or without pigmentation.

Overall swatches of Luminous Veil (top) and Pink Fusion (bottom). As expected, they are sheer, but buildable. If you are going for a light luminous sheen, either of these is great.

Brush control is key though, as we don't want to go overboard with it. I'd suggest a kabuki with a light hand or a slanted blush brush, and build it up if you need to. For single colour uses, my eyeshadow brush fits well within the strips. Best of both worlds!

The palettes are 0.45oz/13g, suggested retail price is around CAD16.95.

If you have to choose, which one would you prefer? Hope the swatches are helpful to those of you who are considering a purchase :) Spring is coming, at least we have Spring on our face to start :)


  1. Great review and both are really pretty but I think I like Pink Fusion better. It's darker and can be used for blush too.

  2. I love, love, LOVE these palettes! They are seriously amazing! They never fail to make my face glow and make me happy (=

  3. These look amazing. I also love anything muti color/purpose, i may have to snag myself one of these.
    I think i like pink fusion more, i love more prominent pink blushes though.

  4. EveryDay Makeup blog and Kenzie, thank you for your comments. It looks like Pink Fusion got the vote :)

    Gaby, totally agree with you!

  5. These both look a lot like Physicians Formula, Luminous Veil looks like Vegas Strip, and Pink Fusions looks like Healthy Glow (I use it as an eyeshadow though). They seem to cost a little less than Physicians Formula as well, I'll have to try these out, as they are two things I always use!

  6. Andy, great that you point this out. Hope you like it if you get some

  7. Just went out to buy Luminous Veil and love it. I use it more as eyeshadow rather than a blush - exactly the colours I was looking for. Thanks for the review :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy Luminous Veil, happy to share the love :)