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Annabelle Smoothliner swatches

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Another post on my favorite eyeliner line - Annabelle Smoothliners. One can argue you can't have too many favorites, so it's normal to like more than one brand/ line of eyeliners. I dive into the makeup world with one thing at a time, so my liner phase is quite recent. And I have heard enough to know to choose the great ones.

Annabelle Smoothliners are similar to Smudgeliners in that they are creamy, apply smoothly like butter and last very well on my lashlines. Smoothliners are more humble in that they don't come with the smudgers, just straight up pencils. And they are waterproof. When all you need is great eyeliners, they are it!

There are 6 permanent colours of Smoothliners, retail CAD6.50 each.
From L-R: Black, Gunmetal, Brownie, Bronze, Meteorite and Jade.

- Black and Brownie are pure matte and intense
- Gunmetal has shimmer, almost metallic, very pretty. A cooler toned alternative to black, I'm a big fan
- Bronze is just what the name suggest, with a bit of shimmer sheen
- Meteorite is quite matte and a bit sheer
- Jade doesn't have shimmer but is not totally matte, and is a beautiful jade colour. The name totally suits it.

A close-up on the swatches. See how Gunmetal and Jade stand out from the crowd?

Note that all the Smoothliners are permanent, so they aren't going anywhere until you go and grab them :)

My sister, after seeing the swatches, have asked for a few colours to try out. Guess I'm spreading the love lol. Maybe I'll get to lip liners next as I am going through phases. I only own a few Annabelle LE lip liner colours (from the warehouse sales), so it probably won't be that useful to you. Join the conversation though, tell me which Smoothliners are your faves, or which lip liners I should try next.


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