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NOTD: Mood Struck #4

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have another mood mani to show you today. I'm behind on NOTD posts, as I change my nail polish faster than I blog, but hope you like it.

This is Mood Struck #4, not very far off from its friend Claire's Calm/ Wild Mood polish, and I like them both.

The mood effect isn't as strong as a few others I tried, but it's nice because the pink and purple kinda blend in to each other nicely. One minute it's pink and another it's purple :)

Wear is pretty decent, again I wore it about 2 days and changed, so I can't tell if it would last beyond that point.

Another shot of the mani. I tried to capture different stages of change. When I noticed a change, I ran to grab the camera to take pics :) It is really addictive!

I know Mood Struck isn't a widely available brand, and Claire's has slowed down with its mood colour release, so we have nothing new to pair our "mood" with.

Talking about that, I am still in a rut of emotions, going through a difficult stage of my life, so you will notice a slower frequency of posts on here. I don't want to sound like a broken record, so I'll leave it at that.

This probably shows you the gradient effect the best. I've been reaching to purple colours a lot for my nails lately, maybe because they made me feel better somehow. Do you find a colour that does that to you?

I have a few fun reviews coming up as soon as I could bring myself to finish up the posts. Squirt and I had a horrible time getting home after the gym last night. There was icy snow on the roads and the bus was detoured to avoid (our) hill. The walk up hill on slippery snow (with groceries in our hands) was not my favorite thing to do.

Anyway, I hope the pretty pictures make up for the depressing content in this post. And hope you stay safe and warm where you are.


  1. What a cute bottle! Like the color too!

  2. Halifax...*hugs*
    hang in there. this past monday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year...
    and well it can only get better right??

    Anyway hope that whatever it is that you are dealing with, you come out strong and happy!

  3. Deborah, thank you :) Glad you liked it

    E, thanks hun. I doubt that my emotions have anything to do with Blue Monday though. I hope so too!