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NOTD: Nubar Cotton Candy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How's everyone getting ready for the holiday? I suck badly for forgetting to pack the USB cord to transfer my pics from the camera to the computer, so I end up with no new reviews/ posts for a while. I apologize.

We're going to have to go with previous NOTDs that I have lined up in the draft list.

This is Nubar Cotton Candy, a pretty colour but not what I imagined. Is it just me or you also think of a pale pink colour when you hear the name Cotton Candy?

I mean it didn't come to me as a surprise as I did look at swatches before getting it, but still how could Cotton Candy be an aqua/ turquoise kind of shade? :)

Anyway, here it is, more of a close-up. On the nail, it looks a bit more sheer than the bottle colour. I did 3 coats, just to see how opaque it could be, but I probably needed the 4th coat to get rid of VNL. Nonetheless, Cotton Candy is a pretty colour and I wouldn't mind wearing it again.

Nubar has great wear and finish, I have to say. Out of a few I tried, I didn't have any problem, application wise or else. I recently increased my Nubar stash quite a lot thanks to a blogging friend who found it at a nail supply store. Wish I could upload pics of the haul to show you. Soon though, I promise.

I missed the eclipse last night too, wasn't on twitter to see all the tweets about it. We were watching a movie downstairs :) Squirt had a fun day today with the "Yogi Bear" movie and a few trips sliding down the hill in a toboggan. Tomorrow we are going skating. Kids are spoiled during the holiday, I'm telling you. So much fun stuff for them to do, not mentioning all the presents Santa would bring them :) Hope you are spoiled too!


  1. Yeah, totally boggles my mind as to why it's called cotton candy. Maybe it's the blue cotton candy.

  2. I wish I could find out where they sell numbar around here!

  3. Perry, there is blue cotton candy but it hardly comes to mind eh? :)

    Tasha, it was my pure luck to be able to get a few, cause no where near me sells Nubar either

    Blanka, it's gonna take a while, lol