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Weekend haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The weekend has come and gone. I for once was not sucked in much with Good Friday sales. Shocking, isn't it? I only have a small haul for you for my regular stores, was tempting 2 online orders but I got into a "mommy tantrum" mode last night and didn't bother.

I headed to 2 locations of The Body Shop after work on Friday but all their Joy bags were sold out. Lucky for those of you who got a chance to grab a bag or two, I heard it was full of googies.

I did make my La Senza purchase for a trio of nail polish: Very Versailles, Hollywood Strip and Fuji Fantasy. Don't you love the names?

I grabbed Fuji Fantasy because it's a seasonal shade. Very Versailles is a pretty magenta creme, and Hollywood Strip has a pretty subtle magenta sheen which I hope shows up on the nails. We'll see if it does.

La Senza also came out with the roller tubes, some with sweet scents, some with their traditional fragrance scents. I only liked one scent among them (Coconut), so I passed.

As you probably know, Shoppers has the surprise gift card promo in the weekend. I was so sure I wouldn't need enough stuff to make it to $75, but... lol you know what happened right? :)

This is what I originally came in for: the L'Oreal Infallible Stars collection display. I spotted it a few days back but didn't like the CAD14.49 price tag on it. I was so excited seeing the weekend promo of 40% off L'Oreal, so I made sure I came back for it.

The display was still untouched when I got there, all 6 shades, and the liners. With the sale, the glosses came out a bit over CAD8 each. A steal eh? On the very left is Beyonce's Red, the most exciting shade among them. I grabbed one after taking this pic.

One of the reasons I love my Shoppers location: the clearance table :) They put cleared out stuff on a table, not at the end cap near the cosmetic section. A lot easier to tempt you, I'd say, lol.

I found these last weekend:
- CoverFX Redness kit CAD29.99 (reg. CAD45). It was still on regular CoverFX shelf but the sale sign caught my eyes. Can't say no to CoverFX.
- Smashbox O-Glow CAD10 (reg. CAD34)
- Quo Sahara shadows in Jewel of the Nile and Desert Mirage, 75% off, reg. CAD15 each.
- L'Oreal Infallible in Beyonce's Red - This was in the display above, I just threw it in the pic.

And there was more :) A few Gosh items were cleared out as well.
- Eyeshadow quartet in Vanity Pastels, reg CAD20. This will come in handy in the spring when pastel trend returns.
- Body Shimmer in Cinderella, reg. CAD20. I know I don't need it but the puff was so cute and fluffy, and I was sold on the name too
- Effect Powder in Doll and Lime, reg. CAD14 each. I have a bad habit of collecting these whenever I found them at clearance. They are eye candy to me :)

I heard sales are even crazier for Cyber Monday in the States. What are you planning to get today? Or what did you get in the weekend? I'd love to hear.


  1. Fun haul!
    Love the nail polish!


  2. 40% off loreal infallible?! you always find such great deals! :) i just wanted to let u know about my holiday giveaway ;)

  3. Carrie, thank you :)

    Jenny, I'm just a fanatic with flyers, that's how I know about deals lol. Thanks for letting me know but don't worry, your blog is on my read list, so I won't miss it

  4. Great haul! I love the colors of the nail polish! :)

  5. Nice hauls! Especially with the GOSH items. Loving those pastel colors too!

  6. LipGlossGossip, Fay, thank you :)

  7. Ohhh A clearance table at Shoppers!!! Me like!!! :)
    Witch Shoppers?? I went to the one by the shopping center but there was no such thing as a clearance table, well frankly there wasn't much in the cosmetic section there...

    Btw, love the blog :)

  8. The Shopper near Halifax Shopping Center always has a clearance section of some sort. Used to be a big table on the way to the back, now they put it near the far left wall when you enter. But clearance stock always varies :) And thanks for the compliment.