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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Have you been browsing around your drugstores lately? Tune in to see what I found recently at mine :) Good stuff, I promise.

I found this lovely display at one of the Shoppers I went. Click the pic to enlarge :) Can you tell what the line is?

Yep, the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty, inspired by Carmindy, has officially arrived at Shoppers :)

As far as I can see, we have quite a good selection of their products.

- First shelf: Your Skin makeup foundation, Airbrush Spray makeup and Luminizing Face primer.
- Second shelf: Luminous Matte Pressed powder, Translucent Loose powder, Natural Highlighter.
- Third shelf: Sun Glow Powder bronzer, Powder/ Cream blush
- Fourth shelf: Eyeliner, Gloss
- Last shelf: Eyeshadow and Mascara.

I was in a hurry, didn't note down the price. According to Carmindy on twitter, she is showcasing the line on The Shopping Channel as well. More access for us Canadians.

Also found the 3-piece Holiday nail polish sets from Joe Fresh, retail CAD10 each.

There are 3 colour combinations to choose from.
- Left set: Midas, Imperial and Dupioni. This is probably the set I would get, as I kinda like all 3 shades.
- Middle set: Onyx, Steel and Beet - Steel and Onyx are quite similar, except one has pretty shimmer. Beet is a cream burgundy.
- Right set: Cherry, Sweet Tart and Wine. A little too much red to my liking, but if you are a fan of the colour(s), this is not a bad set for the holiday.

Joe Fresh nail polish are 3 for $10 anyway, so the sets aren't a saving, and you also don't have a choice of what colours to get in a set. I assume these colours are LEs though, as I didn't see them before from the regular line. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Another item that caught my eyes was the Joe Fresh 5-pc Acrylic Brush set, retails CAD19.

By the look of it, the set includes:
- Blush brush (reg. CAD10)
- Concealer brush (reg. CAD4)
- Large eyeshadow brush (reg. CAD5)
- Crease brush (reg. CAD4), and
- Eyeliner brush (reg. CAD4).

Cost wise, this set is good for your money, as you basically get the 2 small brushes for free. I didn't compare the size of these to the individual brushes Joe Fresh has, but I don't think they are minis/ travel size either.

I kinda wish they include the foundation brush, but it would probably jack up the price of the set too much, a hard selling point for it. Can't say I tried their brushes before, can't comment on the quality.

And look, Superstore, for some miracle reason, all of a sudden stocks Wet n Wild LE collection. This is the latest Vixen's Mittens, sells for CAD2.99 a bottle.

I didn't expect Canada would have it that fast, but here we are :)

A warning though, these bottles are very tiny (6.5ml, if I remember correctly). The colours are nice though, very glittery/ shiny, some are quite unique.

Have you seen them around yet?

I have been in a crazy hunt for Annabelle's Hype and Insomnia collections. For some reason, my regular Shoppers (and some others) did not have them, period.

Now look what I found at Superstore: the Insomnia collection, lol.

It's unpredictable what Superstore would have on their shelves, LE or not, so it's kinda exciting not knowing what to expect (well, sometimes) :)

I had a fun time browsing the displays. Would have played around a bit more if I didn't have to go upstairs for the gym - it was Zumba time, couldn't miss it :)

One more interesting find of the week: Wet n Wild Beauty bags, CAD10.

This is the Canadian version of the Wet n Wild train cases that the Americans have been lusting after. No train case here, just a clear plastic bag, lol.

I took pictures of both sides of the bag to show you the shades. All bags are the same, i.e. there is only 1 choice of colour combo.

The front features a Beauty Simplicity Look, with:
- Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Sweet as Candy
- Color Icon Blusher Pearlescent Pink
- Mega Last nail colour in Sugar Coat
- Mega Last lip colour in Think Pink
- Mega Length mascara in Very Black.

The back goes for a Hollywood Glam Look:
- Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Don't Steal My Thunder
- Color Icon Blusher Heather Silk
- Mega Last nail colour in Caught Red-Handed
- Mega Last lip colour in Stoplight Red
- Mega Plump mascara in Very Black.

Note that all products in the bag are not full size. They are all a bit smaller than the regular products on the shelf.

This is a good way to try out a bunch of Wet n Wild products at a good price. They are good for travel too. I just wish we had a train case for them. What do you think about the bag?

Have a great day, everyone! Do tell me what you found at your stores, I'd love to hear.


  1. dang, wish those stands would pop up by me!! :) haha

  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I had found parts of the Carmindy collection at Dollarama in the summer for $2 a piece. My aunt is interested in the collection so I will definitely have to let her know they are easily available now asap!

  3. I just wish I can find the find the WnW holiday stuff here in Canada!This polish looks great!

  4. I saw this line at the dollarama by my house as well! At first I thought it was an old collection but I guess not

  5. Katrina, drugstores are just a fun world to browse :)

    Danielle and BoldNBeautiful Makeup, yes it was our luck to have some products from the Carmindy line at Dollarma (I hauled big time there too)

    DixieatCamelotSqr, I'm waiting for them too, just don't know we'd ever get them

  6. OMG I've been wanting to try the Sally Hansen Airspray Makeup!!! I hope it's not too damn expensive =(

  7. I also found those Carmindy items (Foundation sells for $19 at Shoppers now) for $2 at Dollarama! :S

  8. I was anxious for the Carmindy collection to come to Canada!

    Question, where can you buy Joe's nail polish?

  9. Helen, the Shopping channel prices it $21, so it might not be cheap at Shoppers :(

    Shaylee, don't you love that? :)

    Chibi-stellar, Joe Fresh nail polish is available at their stand-alone stores and certain Superstore/ Loblaws stores. You can check the store locator on

  10. U saw those wet n wild things and thought oh wow, totally disappointed. ;)

  11. XD still haven't seen essence...but hopefully will snag a glimpse of SH by Carmindy^&^

  12. YAY Wet n Wild LE collection!!! What Superstore do you visit? I *need* those lol...

    On a side note, Winners (HSC location is where I shop) has a ton of China Glaze and OPI in stock. I broke down tonight and bought Brand New Skates, Play 'Til Midnight, DS Original, and Have You Seen My Limo? I'm going crazy trying to decide what to wear first :P

  13. J, yeah kinda had some hope lol

    Rasilla, almost every Shoppers here has Essence now, that's odd that it hasn't arrived there

    DuochromeDiva, I went to the Joseph Howe Superstore :) Thanks for letting me know about Winners, I was just there last week, didn't see anything lol

  14. wow i can't wait to check out the carmindy section although i still can't find the essence collection at shoppers.
    i do zumba too. isn't it the hardest workout you have ever done? i find it totally insane

  15. FunnyFaceBeauty, I would assume it's a slow spread for Essence, as many people have told me they couldn't find it. I have so much fun with Zumba, sometimes forgot it's a work out :)