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Winners haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you haven't been to Winners lately, you gotta go now, I mean NOW. I was so giddy on the way home, and here's why. It's the Color Club nail polish sets that once made every polish fanatic in the US rush to Ross. They finally made their way to Canada, to our lovely Winners!

As soon as I saw Danielle at Polish Obsessed posted about her finds at Winners, I made sure I stopped by my store after work to have a look. And I found 5-6 different sets there, picked 3.

Top: Glitter Vixen set, includes Sex Symbol, Magic Attraction, Sultry Diva, Art of Seduction, Sexy Siren, Object of Envy and Tru Passion.

Middle: Pardon My French set, has Pardon My French, I Believe in Amour, Hot Couture, Oh Naturale, Turn the Other Chic, Take Me to Your Chateau and Si Vous Please!

Bottom: Wild At Heart set, has Love 'Em Leave 'Em, Wild and Willing, On the Wild Side, Rule Breaker, Wild at Heart, With Abandon and a 0-60 Speedy Top coat.

These are CAD12.99 a set, not a bad price, considering they retails between $13 - 15 each at etailers and we have to pay shipping. Ross had them for $7.99 but I'm among the unlucky group not being able to find them there. So I'm happy now :)

Also got a few items from the clearance section:
- Revlon Cuticle nipper, CAD3
- Seche Rebuild, CAD5.50
- Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler with Silk Fiber, CAD3.30
- Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage, CAD3.30.

Saving on these must be at least $2, if I remember the original price correctly. Lots of hair care products have been red-tagged as well, but I'm not into hair stuff :)

So, just a quick post to let you know about these deals. Happy hunting!


  1. I'd love to find those sets at Ross!
    Good score!

  2. I really hope my Winners has these too. I shall drop by there tomorrow after work. Color Club is one of my fave nail polish brands

  3. I have the Pardon my French Set! =) The colors are gorgeous!!!

  4. Oh my god! I bought the same Color Club sets as you just last night! I got Wild Side and Glitter Vixen but I'm going to return Glitter Vixen. I like the look of glitter polishes in the bottle but I hate the grittyness on my nails :(

  5. Thanks for mentioning me :) I'm glad you found the sets, Wild at Heart is definitely my fave!

  6. Neeeed to get to Winners! Tomorrow! Eeek! Thx to you and Danielle for posting about this!!

  7. Kimberly, they're hard to come across at Ross, aren't they? Those people who could find them were lucky

    Shadowy Lady, too bad we don't normally have access to this brand in stores - well until now, at least :)

    MissPukku, the thing with a set is that we will like some colours, not all. Great to know you like yours :)

    Ashley, yay you found them. I'm crazy for glitters, so that set is a must for me. They are sheer though, I heard

    Danielle, thanks to you, hun :)

    JQ, good luck :)

  8. I know where I'm going after work!

  9. OMG were you at Winners around 6:30 last night? I thought I saw you & squirt there... lol. I should have said hi :p

  10. Alisa, I know where you're going too lol

    DuochromeDiva, you saw us? Awww, you should have come say hi, we would love to meet you :)