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Walmart finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hi everyone, I have a quick Saturday night post to let you know what deals Walmart is having this week.

If you have been a fan of Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks and didn't take advantage of Rexall 50% off sale months ago (or didn't live near one), now it's time. Walmart has 40% off all Revlon lip products.

ColorBurst retails CAD7.97 at Walmart (quite a difference from other drugstores' price range), now only costs CAD4.78 a piece. I wouldn't feel bad picking up a few.

In the picture, on top are Peach and Carnation, at the bottom is Mauve. The shelf had all the testers so I swatched most of them (minus the really dark shades, they don't work on me).

I was also very excited to find the L'Oreal Infallible, the Stars Collection. Lots of gurus raved about the shade #399 - Beyonce's Red being the perfect long lastic red. I almost thought Canada won't have it, after a few months looking :) I paid full price for this one (CAD11.46), but it's $9.99 in the US already, so that's ok.

Other buys:
- Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream, reg. CAD9.97. It's not on sale but there's a coupon $2 off with purchase of 2 Moisture Rescue items on the display. It gets quite good reviews on blogs, so I wanted to try.

- Biore Purify Steam Activated Cleanser, reg. CAD9.97, on sale for CAD7.97, plus there's a $3 coupon attached to the bottle. So it works out to be half off.

Still no sign of the Wet N Wild holiday collection, they are torturing us :( It's crazy that I always have something I am chasing after, maybe that's what keeps me going, lol.

It rained almost all day today, and Squirt had a skating lesson. I was wet and cold - forgot my hat and mitts for the rink. But I ran into a local reader of the blog last night, which I thought was so cool (Thank you for coming up to talk to me, hun). Never met anyone knowing me through my blog that is from here :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I was hoping my walmart would have the revlon rhapsody lipsticks on sale too, but they didn't have any boo!!! so I didn't even anything except for some wet n wild lipsticks $3,77 regular price :)

    And that gel cream has been calling my name, but I am trying to finish off the one that I have already (same thing but not green). My store had it for $7.97 I think, or I am just transposing the numbers.

  2. LOOL, I find it funny because last night, I went out to get that Garnier cream too!!! ^^ But I didn't see any coupons...

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I am going to have to get more of the 40% off Revlon goodies. I am loving the peach in color burst! I am also becoming a fan of the matte versions.

  4. Im interested to find out what you think of that beyonce lip colour. I was so excited when I found it at Walmart but found it really didn't work. Ive tried several ways but it always seems chunky and some parts peel off. I you get the hang of applying it correctly, I would love to see a post on it.

  5. I'm definitely heading to Wal-Mart tomorrow. I went Friday but they hadn't changed the prices yet. I need a Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Ruby for my Halloween Costume!

  6. I'm waiting for a sale to try that Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream. It looks really interesting as I have super dry skin and I have not be disappointed by anything from Garnier yet.

    I received a sample of Biore Purify Steam Activated Cleanser and wasn't particularly amazed by it... I don't know, I was expecting something different, but it's great that it was half off!

  7. Justine, I haven't seen the Rhapsody at Walmart at all. The Garnier gel is $9.97, the cleanser is $7.97

    Lisa, the coupons are attached to the display, hope you can find them

    Jill, have fun shopping :)

    Funny Face Beauty, now I'm nervous. It'd better work costing me more than $10. Can't say I know the best way to apply it, tbh. Hmm...

    Ashley, I'm suprised, cause Walmart flyers normally start on Friday

    Gaby, it's a good idea to wait for the sale for the gel :) I was a bit impatient. That sucks if the Biore one didn't work, the idea is kinda cool

  8. Just FYI - if you buy something at Walmart and it doesn't work out or you're unhappy with it, bring it back with a receipt and you'll get a full refund. You may be able to get a store credit if you don't have a receipt as well. It's Walmart policy... just letting you know.

  9. Sparkles, I'm surprised at your last comment... I'm a local reader of your blog, and we meet all the time becaue of our children, and we say hi, and I thought you knew me too? I just don't mention your blog because I know some bloggers prefer to keep their real-life identity seperate from their blogger identity (I do)
    Anyway, a big Hi,from a local reader.

  10. I haven't tried returning a used item at Walmart. I know it's easy in the US, but can't say the same in Canada. But it's good to know they have a policy like that

    Thenewcomer, I know you are my local reader but did we meet IRL? You didn't mention the blog, so I might not realize. Sorry about that. Hi you back :)

  11. We meet at least every week in PGH, and you have even visited my apartment!!!! to pick up squirt after her playdate! OMG- I didn't realise you didn't know!!! unless I am totally hallucinating!!! That is Soooo funny!

    Walmart here most definitely has the return policy. i am a big fan of it, as i usually don't have time or can't be bothered to try clothes before buying them, so I buy them, wear them at home, and if they don't fit return asap.