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Supestore haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This weekend was such a waste, I spent so much time sitting on the bus going here and there, not getting much done. Well, at least Squirt had a fun time at a friend's birthday party and a sleep-over.

A heads-up for my local readers: Shoppers at Mumford is clearing out some stuff for cheap.
- Benefit Powderflage (reg. CAD34) for CAD15
- Smashbox O-Glow (reg. CAD34) for CAD10
- Assorted nail polish for CAD5 - Essie (reg. CAD11.50), Nicole by OPI (reg. CAD10.99), etc.
I was also tempted to get a few Rimmel Long Lasting lipsticks on sale for CAD2.99 there but I didn't. What's happening to me? :)

Anyway, getting to the mini haul. A few weeks back, some bloggers mentioned their Superstore cleared out NYC. Mine didn't do that until lately when I found a few things in clearance baskets for 50% off.

Here are what I ended up getting.
- Ultra Last Lipwear in Smooch and Air Kiss, CAD0.57 each
- Liquid Lip shine in Glitter Gloss and Sungold Pink, CAD0.72 each
- Maximum Boost Volumizing mascara in Blackest Black, CAD1.52.

I forgot how affordable NYC products are, lol. No sign of nail polish (well, there was a white one left) or liners though, which is kinda disappointing. Oh well...

Also grabbed a few more things.
- L'Oreal Voluminious Million Lashes mascara in Blackest Black, on sale for CAD6.99
- Joe Fresh nail polish in Peacock (x2) and Persian Blue, 3 for CAD9.99.

Peacock is probably one of the prettiest nail polish shades from Joe Fresh, a duochrome of purple and green, and I believe it is a LE and is long gone. When I saw them on the shelf again, I panicked and got 2, lol. Maybe I'll exchange one or put them in the swap box for later.

Did you do anything fun in the weekend? One more week until Halloween, any fun party to dress up to?


  1. I bought the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara at Superstore too! I'm really disappointed in it though. It's like the Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara but bigger!

    I almost bought a Rimmel Long Lasting lipstick at Shoppers too but I held back. What IS going happening to us??

  2. Oh,my! That is really a bargan!
    Did you find the Wet & Wild Holiday Colletion?
    I really hope, we can have it soon!

  3. I got the million lash mascara as well, with a $1 off coupon as well so only $6...I have a review of it on productrater if you want to check it out, it's not that great, disappointed me too.

  4. Ashley, you made me laugh :) Funny how our brains are in sync

    DixieatCamelotSqr, no I haven't seen any of the WnW Holiday items at all :(

    CanDailyDeals, yeah I saw your review. I had high hope for it, cause I like Voluminous the original. So sad

  5. I'm curious about L'Oreal Voluminious Million Lashes mascara as I<m not a big fan of L<Or/al mascaras...

  6. I love shopping at Superstore for makeup ahaha but it's such a distraction when I'm actually there for groceries lol

  7. Gaby, this mascara now is a controversy lol. I wanted to see how it works on me, so I got it, despite the fact that reviews said no

    Tammy, the makeup section is always a must-stop spot for me while doing groceries, lol

  8. I love the Joe Fresh Style nail polishes! I've picked up so many! Great blog, love to see fellow Canadians blogs!

  9. Shaylee, hi there Canadian :) Thanks for stopping by