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IMATS Toronto

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know how I feel about IMATS - the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. I was crazy about it last November in Toronto, and was crazy about it again back in June for LA. Crazy enough to book tickets, pack my bags, fly over for it. Just check my IMATS posts again if you don't know what I'm talking about lol.

Although I am 95% sure I won't be able to make it this year to Toronto, I am still crazy about it. True fan, am I not? If you have a chance to go (or can afford to go), do it, you won't regret.

IMATS holds a special place in my heart, as it is a firm confirmation of how crazy I am about makeup. And mind you, it's not just all about shoppping. I am kinda emotionally attached to it :)

Last IMATS Toronto, I met some of my fellow bloggers for the first time, whom I talked to every so often on the blog and twitter but never met IRL. They are a great bunch of friends I'm so happy I have. And IMATS LA, I had great company, also a fellow blogger. Believe me, being at the show with someone who could understand why you want to be there is priceless.

So I am here blogging about IMATS Toronto which is a week and 3 days away now. A little sad for myself not being there but happy for my friends being able to have a great time together.

If you haven't already, check out the Floor plan - hoover the mouse over the booths to see the company names. There are great ones participating this year, lots of them we don't normally have access to in Canada. They move the show to a bigger location this year, which means you will have more to see and do there :) And there's even free shuttles to get you there from downtown. How thoughtful!

Make sure you spare some time from shopping to attend the classes. Lots of tips and tricks to learn there, plus it's a great opportunity to meet the gurus (Kandee Johnson, Koren, Pursebuzz) and other well-known MUAs.

And like I said, make sure you go with a friend or meet up with like-minded ladies at the show. If you don't know anyone yet, make sure to check in with the Toronto Beauty Bloggers. Come to the meet-ups or just call them when you're there. They will make you feel at home, it's always fun to have a show buddy or ten :) To see what other bloggers' thoughts about IMATS are, see the Media coverage page. My blog was featured on there last year :)

Have fun at the show, my lovelies. And if you are not going this year like me, make plan to go next time, doesn't matter which city. I am hoping to be able to stop by IMATS NY when I go visit the bf next year. There's always hope, right?


  1. Was just writing my post on this too!! So glad we met last year and then again this year but sad you wont be at the IMATS with the other TBB girls :(

  2. I'm so excited, this event will be so fun!

  3. I am excited to be going to Toronto IMATS next week :)

    Do you remember if many brands were discounted? I heard Make Up For Ever was 40% off...

  4. Farah, thank you. Will miss all of you.

    Tanisa, I bet you will have lots of fun :)

    Aisha, yes MUFE is 40% off. MAC pro might offer some discounts. Lots of brands offer show prices. You can click on IMATS label on the right side bar to see my IMATS hauls in the past for more info

  5. I went to the IMATS in November 2012.. was my first time and was soo amazing.. .. a little overwhelming because there were so many people in there and I didn't expect it to be that busy, but a lot of people were packed in there and I cant wait for 2013 Toronto Imats which has changed locations form the congress centre to the convention centre.. hmmm Whos going!!??!!?!??!!!?!?!??! I AM!! :D see you all there

    1. Oh IMATS has never been not busy, lol. Good that they change the location this year, though I don't think I make it this year either :( Have fun there!

  6. Hi!

    I am a beauty and fashion blogger from Toronto and will be attending IMATS Toronto this year along with other beauty and fashion bloggers from the city. I was wondering if you would like to join us.

    We will be meeting on Saturday 9th November at IMATS and shop together and later on have lunch together. Let me know if you would like to come along :) You can contact me at


    1. Shivani, I replied to you on twitter. Thanks for including me, but I'm not going this year :(