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Hi everyone! I'm by myself tonight as Squirt is sleeping over at her babysitter's. She is invited to the Halloween party there tomorrow and stays there tonight to help with decorating :)

It was quite warm a few nights back but is -1 with wind chill tonight. I'm afraid the kids will have to wear big coats over their costumes, which sucks.

Anyway, my way to celebrate Halloween would be wearing China Glaze Fortune Teller. It is such an awesome colour for the occasion, I couldn't help it bringing it out again. And as expected, I still love it like the first time I applied it on my nails :)

First coat was sheer but it looks a lot better after the second coat. If you want it to be extra vampy or want to pack up some more glitters, a third coat would be fine, just with a light hand to avoid a clumpy mess.

I love it when the light hits it, and love it when it appears black under low light too. Couldn't ask for more. I was thinking doing the half glossy, half matte look but couldn't bring myself to mattify its glory, lol. I know a matte Fortune Teller looks good too, but I just don't want to do it tonight.

You can click to enlarge the pics, for more black and orange goodness :)

On to more fun Halloween stuff.
This is my little princess this year. We found this costume at the Disney Store a few weeks back and she all of a sudden wanted to be Cinderella this Halloween. So Cinderella it is!

She is determined to have her hair pulled back in a bun, which makes her look a lot more mature than she is. A few friends asked me how she became go grown-up so fast :) I think it might be the hair, or it might as well be the royal attitude of being a princess does the work. Do you think she looks older than she is?

This picture was taken last night at her school's Halloween party. They turned down the light in the hallway, so she looked darker, even with flash. She had a blast decorating cookies and a pumpkin, dancing around with her best friend and threw a few darts. How I wish I could be young like that again. Where I came from, we don't have Halloween, so no dressing up for me. Squirt has all the fun in the world, maybe for my part too, lol.

We went to a Halloween cat show this afternoon after Squirt's skating lesson (that's something I didn't get to do when I was her age too).

The ad said the cats would be dressed up, but it turned out only the owners did, lol. I guess the cats were competing for prizes, so the costumes would get in the way.

Does any of you know what creature is in the picture on the left? Well I kinda gave it away by saying we went to a cat show, but I never saw a cat with prints like that, ever. That... is a Bengal cat, one of the most beautiful cats I have seen in my life!

I mean I have heard of Bengal tigers, but not Bengal cats, now I know. Anyway, it is a whole new world to me, now that I know such cats exist :)

This is another one with beautiful marking and colour. The base colour is not really brown, not really pink, not really orange. I missed it when they explained about his breed and stuff, so I don't know what he is. Managed a close-up shot of him when he was returned to the cage after competition. He has the most beautiful turquoise eyes too. My love with cats was just multiplied ten fold after the show.

So that's basically what we did for the weekend so far. I don't know I'd be posting tomorrow night, so have a great Halloween ladies!


  1. Omg! Squirt looks so pretty! And very very pretty kitty.

  2. fortune teller is definitely a good halloween colour, great choice!

  3. Jennifer and Beauty Addict, thanks :)

    Perry, awww you're so sweet

    Justine, the choice wasn't hard lol

  4. Missed the boat on Fortune Teller. Your little angel is so precious!! Did she ask for a Bengal cat for Christmas? They are gorgeous but I heard that they are genetically unstable (not sure if that's validated.. who knows. Most ppl may say that about themselves!). They are really gorgeous creatures.

  5. Applepark, thanks so much :) We already have 2 cats so she didn't ask for more. Yeah the Bengals are nice to look at. I would imagine they require lots of work

  6. Oh Squirt~ such a gorgeous gal XD
    I only got to wear lipstick and blush on christmas and new years, but that was IF I was wearing the korean traditional dress (Hanbok). oh man, those were the days. I was always so excited to have my face done. that I think about it, I think it is partly why I don't think I could pull off red lips in general XD

  7. Rasilla, thank you :) I didn't start wearing makeup until a few years ago, so guess how much I was missing out lol