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Marcelle Lux Liquid Eyeliner review

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have some exciting products sent to me from Marcelle to review for you today. They look awesome on displays at drugstores, let's check them out up close (and personal), lol.

On your left are Marcelle Lux Metallic Liquid Eyeliners, come in 4 colours: from L-R: Cobalt Blue, Jade, Ultra Violet and Aqua.

As the name suggests, they are metallic and shiny, thanks to the flecks in the formula. Imagine them on your eyelids :)

On your right are Marcelle Lux Diamond Liquid Eyeliners, in Pure Gold and Silver. They sure come packed with lots of glitters in a gel-like base, great for spicing up a party look.

The liners are all hypo-allergenic and perfume free, so that's good news for those with sensitive eyes, if you are concerned.

Let's check out the brush. Modelling here is Aqua, my most favorite.

The 2 types of liners both have the "ultra-precision micro applicator brush". The handle is at good length, rests comfortably on my fingers while assuring a good grip.

If you are a thin-lining pro, this brush is perfect for you. For non-expert like me, I could just double line if I make a mistake. For more dramatic effect, go for a wider line or use on top of your regular black liner.

Now the swatches, the liners by themselves and over a black pencil liner (the more glamourous look).

Aren't they pretty? The metallics have the same consitency, while the gold diamond packs more glitters than the silver. You can certainly build them up to the intensity you desire. The pretty colours bring out the hesistance in me, as I suck at applying liquid liners (you probably heard me mentioned that before) and don't normally play with them much. I have worn Ultra Violet twice since I got it, as I happened to do 2 purple looks almost back to back. Can't wait to try Aqua. Which colour do you like the most?

And as I have a weakness towards glitters, I gotta take a blurred out pic to show you.

Regarding the wear, the metallics hold really well once they set. They survived the swipe test, did not move. I'm totally happy with them. You can rest assure that the liner stays put until you remove it.

The diamonds, however, did wipe off, due to the glittery texture, so I would not suggest to rub your eyes too much when you have them on. You can also dab them on your lids on top of your eyeshadows instead of using glitter powder. Multi-purpose product, you say?

The Diamond liners are a tad bigger than the Metallic ones (0.2oz / 5.8g vs. 0.17oz/ 4.9g), both retail CAD11.95 at drugstores. At the moment, there are $1 coupons provided on the product page (click on the 2 links up top). Give these liners a try, you'll love them.

Hope your Monday starts out ok. Regardless what the calendar says, I think Fall is finally here. I feel the chill in the air in the morning and at night coming home. Hate to say goodbye to skirts and short-sleeved tops now, but I bet lots of you are looking forward to fall product releases :)


  1. The blue one looks gorgeous!

  2. I loved swatching the 4 on the left, but the silver and gold were pretty disappointing. I couldn't get a decent swatch w glitter as you did. but they are quite gorgeous aren't they~^^

  3. Becky, they are all pretty :)

    Rasilla, yes the glitters need a bit of building up

  4. these look pretty! can't wait to try them :) Good idea using them over a black base!

  5. S, I kinda adopted the idea from someone on twitter :)