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NOTD: Mood Struck #10

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have recently done a swap with Karen at Frazzle and Aniploish for some awesome polishes that I have been lemming for since I saw her post.

These are the Mood Struck nail polishes that are only available from Meijer. Knowing the chance that I could walk in a Meijer store is very slim, I was very happy that Karen agreed to swap with me for them.

Here are the ones I got, from L-R: #4, #7, #9, #10 and #14. I adopted Karen's naming system (using the last 2 numbers in their barcodes), as there were no specific names for these babies.

The bottles are slim and long, only contain .25 fl oz/ 7ml, about half of the regular polish size.

And on top of that, I filled my Dollar Tree wish list with these shades from the LA Colors Craze collection (with hardeners, 2009).

If I found them in store myself, I'd sure come home with more than 4 bottles, but I restrained myself better with a swap, lol.

From L-R: Atomic, Live, Electrified and Transformer plus the 2 mini Claire's extras.

I appreciate the indivial packaging for the LA Colors bottles, as it keeps the polish inside untouched, plus the extra information about application and ingredients at the back, pretty in display too. However, when you remove the packaging for storage, the shade names go with it, and there're no name stickers on the bottles. It'd be hard to indentify the shades later on, if the collection grows. You know what I'm saying :)

And here's a NOTD for My very first... mood polish.

I picked #10 as it looks in the bottle as a pale beige colour with a hint of peach, almost like a duochrome, peaked my curiosity.

Here it is on my nails, with flash. Most of the nails would be in the beige colour, except for the free edge tips. As you knew before, I had a split nail on the middle finger and it's nubs at the moment after I tried to cut it off where it split. As a result, that nail doesn't show any peach colour, but the other four fingers in the picture has a very pretty peachy pink tips, very naturally looking. I love it!

Here are some more shots of the nails to show you the tips a little better. The sticker on the cap shows the 2 mood colours that the bottle delivers.

The gradient effect shows better in larger view, so feel free to click :) Application was easy, the colour is opague in 2 coats. The round narrow cap takes a bit of getting used to, but not too hard to maneuver. What do you think?


  1. Those Mood polishes are sooo cool!!

  2. Lisa and Karen, thanks ladies. I love mood polishes!