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IMATS LA - Day 2

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Day 2 was equally exciting at IMATS. I was so glad we got to go both days, as 1 day was obviously not enough with the number of exhibitors and classes the show offered.

First thing we went to in the morning was the Guru Summit, we wouldn't want to miss the chance to see our favorite youtube gurus.

Koren and Pursebuzz, we already met at IMATS Toronto, but not xsparkage, JulieG, and Queenofblending. And certainly the stories they were going to share would be interesting too.

These items came in the freebie bag:
- Urban Decay TSA-compliant Travel bag. This would replace the boring clear plastic bags we get at the airport :)
- Urban Decay eyeshadows in Uzi (intense glittery white/ silver) and Stalker (glittery pinkish purple)
- Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencil in Mildew
- NYX Triple shadows for Sexy Babe's Eyes Only in Ceramic - smoky black/ dark silver shades
- Beauty So Clean Cosmetic sanitizer wipe samples.

I really enjoyed the summit, hoping it would carry on in all other IMATS shows. I'll have pictures of the event posted up in a separate post.

Now on to what I called the best purchase at the show - bdellium tools Professional Antibacterial Makeup brushes. I learned about this brand from Pursebuzz and was excited to learn that the brushes have an anti-bacterial protective coating to prevent mold and bacteria growth (proved to be 100% effective up to 40 - 50 washes).

I was shocked to see the brushes at the show because the handles are YELLOW! Omg, I never saw any brushes with yellow handle before! So happy to be able to get them at IMATS, as right now online shopping is not available on their site yet while Amazon sells these brushes with markups, of course.

First up, I got the Basic 7-pc Travel Brush set, $25 (Amazon price: $39)

From L-R: #964 Blush, #948 Foundation, #942 Slanted Contour, #785 Tapered Blending, #777 Shadow, #540 Precision Liner and #763 Small Angle Brush. Also pictured is the brush roll.

I also got the Mineral 10-pc Travel Brush set, $35 (Amazon price: $55)

From L-R: #955 Finishing, #942 Slanted Contour, #957 Precision Cheek, #964 AP Blusher, #945 Contour, #776 Blending, #765 Small Angle Shader, #769 Angled Contour, #781 Crease and #755 Smudger Brush, and the brush roll.

I opted for the travel sets as the short handles seem to work better with my small hands and they are great for travel. The Studio line version has longer handle but the same brush head size, sold at the same price as the Travel line at the show. By day 2, the Mineral 10-pc set (Studio line) was already sold out. There was the humongous 24-pc set ($85, Amazon price: $127) but I decided I didn't need all those brushes, so I passed.

I asked the owner to consider bringing their brushes to IMATS Toronto so more Canadians could have a chance to check out these gorgeous, super soft brushes. Let's cross our fingers :)

Almost forgot Beauty Treats. Their booth was quite colourful with different products.

We were drawn to the Makeup Remover Cleansing tissues. They were scented in like 6 different scents, and after a little smell test, I opted for Green Tea - 30 wipes per pack, 2 packs for $5. Great price eh? I'll have to see how well they do their job, but for the price, I wouldn't complain much if they fail :)

They also had nail polish and nail art bottles at 2 for $5 and some makeup items too.

There were certain products that I regretted not getting at the show - like the Model in a Bottle, Eye Kandy glitter set, etc. but, all in all, I am really happy with my little haul. I planned to "raid" some drugstores while in California too so I didn't want to go crazy at IMATS. Maybe next time :)


  1. I'm back! my cable has been temporarily hooked up...and by hooked up, I mean strung around trees so I can get back online AND call people :T

    Anyway I can't wait to hear more about the brushes when you put them to use :) I would consider getting them, they are quite cheap, as long as they are durable that is~

    Can't wait to see the pictures of the actual event. I think more than the haul, that is what I am more interested in XD All the insanity and such that LA is known for :p

  2. I love short handle brushes too, I definitely hope they come to Toronto!

  3. Yay! You went to the Guru Summit! :D

  4. rasilla, yay you're back :) Yep, the brushes are of great price and will certainly get well used by me. The event pics are up today

    Babybubblz, be sure to check them out if they do come. They are awesome

    Crystal, the summit was a must at IMATS, right?

    Connie, thanks hun. I was lucky