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My stash - Rimmel

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Rimmel makes pretty decent polish. My stash of the brand grew a bit after a Kijiji haul, so I thought it's time to post it up.

First row, from L-R: Rimmel 60 Seconds (different packaging) in Fusion, Mania and Va Va Voom.

Second row: Rimmel 60 Seconds in Camouflage, Green with Envy, Pulsating, Night Before and Hard Edged.

I wasn't even aware what the old 60 Seconds looked like before the packaging with "new precision brush". I wasn't into the brand early enough to know whether this old packaging was a geographical difference, or a pre-revamp version. Love old polish hauls, they always spark questions like this, lol.

First row: Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Pearly White, Super Wear top coat and Stronger base coat.

Second row: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Marine Blue and Steel Grey, Rimmel Play Fast in Night Before, Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 + Minerals in Posh Trash and Insolence.

See what I meant about different packaging versions? I have 2 Night Before, 2 bottle designs. Certainly like the one in this second picture better, but I never saw any bottle like this from Rimmel before. Very interesting. Their latest bottle look with the Lasting Finish line looks quite "pro", but not very unique.

How has your weekend gone? We had quite a long day yesterday shopping, spent a little more than I wanted. Sales were so good this time of year. If you get anything good, do share.


  1. I love Rimmel's polish! I have a ridiculous amount and am always on the hunt for the old Rimmels!
    You have some great colors there!

  2. I must agree there were quite a number of promos / sales this weekend. Luckily I didn't go anywhere besides the theatre, so my wallet was saved :)

  3. Sara, thanks hun :)

    Evil Angel, you're right, the old Rimmels are treasures, lol

    S, good for you. I tried my best to contain myself, lol