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My stash - Borghese

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is a scheduled post, as I am not around a computer much with this LA trip. I sure want to keep you posted with things going on in LA, but it all depends on my access to a computer and internet, which is slim.

Here are the Borghese I managed to own. It is a great brand, good quality polish, wide brush, good staying power and fun bottle shape and colours.

Though the brand is available at the drugstores, their price range isn't in that of a drugstore. I got these on sales (CAD4-5/ bottle) but regularly they are about CAD13-14.

First row, from L-R: Roma Scarlet C and Expresso Brown F.

Second row: Festive Fushsia, Magnifico Magenta, Ectasi Indigo and Gusto Gold Dust (from the holiday collection).

Borghese's shade selection isn't that great, we don't get many LE colours at all. I didn't even know about the holiday collection until it was on clearance. Don't think I saw a special display for this brand ever, everything is stacked away on the shelf.

And these are the kits I found at Winners on clearance, reg. CAD29.99.

The Luxury Pedicure Kit includes:
- Delicato Exfoliating cleanser
- Crema Divina Hydrating Leg & Foot cream
- Brilliante Base/ Top coat
- Santina Softening Callous remover
- Nail polish, and
- Deluxe Foot file.

The items fit tightly into the slots in the box, so I had a hard time taking the polish out to see what shade it is. Still have no idea, lol.

This one is the Luxury Manicure Kit, with:
- Delicanto Exfoliating cleanser
- Radiante Brightening Hand cream
- Maximo Nail Growth treament
- Rejuveneta Cuticle oil
- Finale Fast Set Nail spray, and
- Crystal Nail file with case.

So obviously our hands need more work than our feet, as there were more treatment in this kit than the other kit. No nail polish, for that reason :) Have you tried any treatment from Borghese?

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be back soon.


  1. Wow, I like those Borghese very much although I don't own any of these beauties.

    Hey, you've been tagged!! I tagged you with "I love your blog" tagg!!
    I really do love your blog! :D You can check out the rules on my blog.

  2. Tiana, it is a great brand, but yes pricy :) Thanks for the tag and the compliment, hun. I'll get to it