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Another VNS haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is the other VNS haul that I was waiting for when I posted a VNS haul in May. It is here now and I am so grateful for the help generously granted to me by a blogger. Thank you!

This order was for all the famous shades that everybody seems to own at least one bottles already, except me. I freaked out when people said something is discontinued, so I put in an order, lol.

First row: China Glaze GR8, L8R G8R, DV8, Spin Me Round, It's My Turn and Mahoganie.

China Glaze Kaleidoscope and OMG collections were released before my love with nail polish started, so obviously I missed out on them. Not all the shades were available for order anymore, unfortunately.

Mahoganie is from the Glitters and Chromes collection but wasn't available at Sally. I fell for its darkness and shine at the same time, lol.

Second row: OPI My Private Jet, Color Club Revvvolution, Wild At Heart, Fashion Addict, Magic Attraction and Wild and Willing. Now I can proudly say I own some Color Club, lol.

The last item I decided on was Seche Vite Professional Kit with a regular sized bottle (0.5Fl Oz/ 14ml) and a large sized bottle (4Fl Oz/ 118ml, 8 times of the regular size), including a little funnel for refilling when necessary.

It is already hard enough to find SV at Sally, and if you are lucky to find it, it's CAD10 or more for the regular size, depending on the sale. I only paid USD18.15 for this set. Now I'm good with top coats for a while :)

It took a lot for me not to go overboard on this haul. I certainly tried to keep the order within a budget, but I know I would regret afterward that I didn't get more, just because they are still many oldies out there that I don't own yet. But I'm settled with nail polish for now, as I have a LA shopping trip coming up at the end of the month, gotta save up.

A little personal update: The weekend camping trip was fun, especially for Squirt as there were lots of things for kids to entertain, and she meet a good friend at the campground. We had great weather the first day, and the sky was full of bright stars that night when we sat around the camp fire (my fav part of camping). However, it rained the next day and it took a lot to start the fire for a quick meal of hot dogs, lol. And everything in the tent was so damp, icky feeling. It still drizzled a bit while we packed up the next morning. I'm so "rained out", so fed up seeing more rain when we got home and more rain this morning. All in all, camping was tiring but worth it. Hope your weekend was a great one too :)


  1. WAHT!!! That SV set is only $18 D= My Sallys never has cool deals >_<

  2. Helen, yes etailer price is always the best. It's the shipping that kills it

  3. knowing that you had the seche makes MUCH more sense that the shipping was so expensive. I was like how the heck did our haul turn out to be soo pricey! XD

    you are lucky that the seche works for you :) i wish it did for me, but at least i have china glaze helping me for the time being :)

  4. Seche did turn thick and sticky on me, but I'm hoping it would be fine with a polish thinner. I wasn't really looking for any alternative at the time, so went with I had tried :)

  5. Wooo so much holo and glittery goodness :D

  6. SilhouetteCreams, yep, my obsessions :)