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Winners - Brand updates

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Ladies, it has been a while that I talked about Winners, thought I should do some updates on beauty brands they have at the moment. There are some surprises, at least to me :-)

First, CHI nail polish - official name: CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer. I have never seen this brand before around here, and read that it's available at some Ulta in the US around $8 a bottle. They are supposed to be 3-free polish with great application.

I found 2 shades of CHI at my Winners, from L-R: Open Door Policy and Office Gossip (from the Success ACHIived Fall 2008 collection), plus a base coat, CAD2.99 a piece. Definitely a steal.

Wish I could find more but I'm happy with these 2 for now.

Next: CND (Creative Nail Design) and Stila.

I found a full display of CND polish ranging from white to pink. So happy to get my very first bottle from the brand - Make A Wish. It's the only shade that interested me, a pink with green duochrome. Also found CND Solar Oil, extremely excited about this one, lol. They are CAD4.99 each.

On the right is Stila Lip Envy Silk Shimmer gloss trio, the only thing from this brand on the shelf. There were 2 colour combos, I picked this one for the deep burgundy shade in the middle. The gloss on the far right hand side has lots of glitters in it, very pretty too. This set sells for CAD9.99, no individual gloss name.

Other brands that I saw but didn't get anything from:
- Elf: the Studio Line is in, from brushes to compact, HD powder, etc. Price ranges between CAD5-8
- Orly Foil FX collection, CAD5.99 a bottle. If you missed it at Sally when it was out, now is the time :-)
- Gotta B’ Urban brushes
- Essie: a full display of only 2 colours - black and white.

So head on over to your Winners, to see what your store has to offer. I always feel like a treasure hunt when I'm there :-) Have a great one!


  1. are there any winner stores in the vancouver area? i might be there in summer and would love to get solar oil and seing what all the fuzz is all about ^^
    (i also think I'll go nuts buying polishes when I'm there :D )

  2. That's exciting that you are visitting Vancouver. According to store locator, there're 2 Winners there, plus a few more in the suburbs. The thing is Winners is a discounted store, whatever it has on shelves, once it's gone, it's gone. Very rare that it restocks. But have fun nevertheless, lots of fun finds

  3. I like Winners, but we never seem to have such great stuff at our local sotre -_-

    Thanks for sending me a message on Twtitter! Iwanted to answer you here since they only allow 140 characters via Twtitter. So to be honest, I have no idea what foiling pigments need. I heard it was the rpocess of forming a paste with eye drop... but that's all I know! I would love that if you could explain me the whole thing =D

  4. XD awesome~
    I was hoping to see the Foil collection, but no luck at Dufferin Mall, though they had the Oz ChG collection :)

    And yes, I will be playing with u, though may only have time Sat Afternoon, or late Sunday. I don't think I will be going to that girls night in thing~ but cant wait XD

  5. Gaby, emailed ya.

    rasilla, all 3 Winners that I had been to the last 2 weeks have the Foil FX, so it's prob just a matter of time before your store gets it. Any play time would be great :-)