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Sparkled Beauty goes to IMATS LA

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I am very excited to finally tell you that I just finished making travel arrangements to go to IMATS LA end of June. It took a lot of me to believe that I actually am going. I never dream I could, but I did it. Woo hoo!

I trust most of you can probably understand my excitement.

First, IMATS (The International Makeup Artist Trade Show) is the bomb, the must-attend show of all time to any makeup addicts, bloggers, youtubers and more. My very first IMATS was in Toronto last year and I enjoyed the experience a lot. To indulge in beauty products and fellow bloggers (some I hadn't met before the show) was nothing but amazing. Check out my IMATS posts for more fun read.

Second, LA is the only IMATS show in the US, EVERYBODY will be there. Just the fun of meeting, talking to, taking pictures with and above all, learning from all the gurus and favorite brand reps could already make it all worth going.

Third, I have never been to the US, ever. How awesome is it to go to the US for the very first time for IMATS? I certainly take a few days after the show to tour around, shop and eat, but certainly IMATS was the main reason for this trip.

Forth, the fun multiplies by two because I am not going alone. I will be in great company of Ms Naz, a fellow Canadian beauty blogger and youtuber. We have never met but we both love makeup, how hard is it for us to become friends? Not at all :-) Naz once mentioned on twitter that she wanted to go to IMATS LA, and when I start putting some serious thoughts in travel planning, I certainly dragged her on board. And I'm so glad she did. What could be better than going to IMATS? It's going to IMATS with a friend who shares the same passion/ addiction, lol.

Yesterday after booking my flight tickets, I was shaking. Still couldn't believe I made my dream come true, couldn't believe I am going to IMATS. If any of you have been to Pasadena (or live there), please share some advice for shopping and stuff. And for those who had been to IMATS LA, do tell me about it so I can prepare myself. It's gonna be a crazy experience and I certainly will share my experience with you on this blog. I am so looking forward to it.

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  1. Omg, sooooooo exciting! I look forward to hearing about it!

  2. I'm super jealous! I've never even been able to go to the Toronto one. Next year I hope! You'll have a blast!

  3. Wooohooo!! We're going to LA!!

  4. That's so exciting:-) Can't wait to hear/see all the pics.

  5. Yay! I hope I get to meet you there! I live in the LA area and I went last year for my first experience. It was amazing! :)

  6. How exciting!
    I live here in L.A. & I'm also planning on going this year..
    Pasadena has amazing stores on West & East Colorado Boulevard.
    There's a Lush, Forever21, Urban outfitters, Tiffany & Co., H&M, Body Shop etc. There's also a ton of amzing restaurants =)
    I hope you have a great time!!!

  7. Thats so exciting! Girl you should def try to see if you can go outlet shopping as CCOs or the Lancome outlets :)

  8. Thank you so much for your comments, everybody :-)

    Emily, you gotta try to go to at least 1 IMATS. It's so much fun

    Stephanie, BombbDotCom, I'll sure be in touch. I need some advice :-) I'm more into drugstores and food, lol

    S, hope CCO and Lancome outlet won't be too far from where we stay

  9. Woo hoo!!
    See you there, hun!

  10. Crystal, you're going too huh? Hope we can meet up :-)