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Sally B2G1F haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I went to Sally for their Buy 2 get 1 free all nail polish promotion the first day of the month, hoping some LE bottles from last month were still there. I wanted to get this post up to let you know the promo works for discounted bottles too, you can mix and match brands, as long as the free bottle is the cheapest among the 3. I found some gems on the shelf :-)

First up is Orly, the brand I don't have many bottles from but love to explore more.

First row: Gumdrop (Sweet Collection), Charged Up, Fantasea, Luxe (Foil FX Collection), Blue Suede (Matte Couture Collection) and Pixy Stix (Sweet Collection), retail CAD6.49 each with Sally card.

Second row: Poison Apple (Once Upon A Time Collection), Blue Suede and Matte Vinyl (Matte Couture Collection). I found these at a different Sally store, discounted to CAD5.59 a piece. So, the exact same bottle could be on regular price at one store and on discount at another :-)

I wanted to try Sally Girl polish, so I picked 3. Some of their bottles do have names but not these, so there're just numbers: 812112 - a holo pink, 812002 - a shimmery dark purple and 812005 - a pink chunky glitter, retail CAD1.39 each.

I also got a few famous duo chrome shades from Nina Ultra Pro. First row: Molten Gold, Molten Copper and Molten Ruby, CAD5.29 each.

Second row are the discounted ones: Velvet Seas x 2 and Vintage Velvet (Crushed Velvet Collection), CAD4.19 each.

After getting these home, I went and checked swatches. Some shades looked good, but some were said to be sheer or with application issue :-) If you have any of the shades I got, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I might have to do a few exchanges.

Hope the week starts out right for you, ladies. Have a good day!


  1. Im so hitting up this great deal!!!! I checked and its going on here too, yay!!!

  2. Nice haul! I bought 3 nailpolishes this weekend as well. =)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my giveaway!

    Yes I know what you mean, even with the free shipping code, they charge me extra fees because I live in Canada (I guess) so I ended up paying lots for shipping, even when it was supposed to be free! That sucks -_-'

  4. ooh nice polishes! how come I don't see any China Glaze? :P

  5. Oooh, I didn't know Sally Girl had holos. I'm considering getting those molten polishes.

  6. Latinminx79, Sally's US and Canada sale are normally similar :-) Hope to see your haul soon.

    Zerin, yay, you took advantage of the sale too.

    Gaby, no problem hun :-) The way elf charges us does suck. Otherwise, my makeup drawer would prob be full of their brushes lol.

    jooLee, thanks :-) Did you get anything from the sale?

    S, you know me well, lol. Nothing from the permanent line of China Glaze interests me at the moment, so I went for other brands :-)

    Perry, I haven't swatched that pink holo but saw swatches :-) I'm really hoping the duochrome shows up with those molten shades

  7. LOL omg to your insane love affair with polish XD
    im jealous you got the luxe collection for orly. the last time I was in at sallys, last month, they were all no hope this time around.

    might have to pop in soon just to pick up 3...and only three...i mean with a sale like this, it is hard to resist XD

  8. rasilla, yep, I can't stop, you see? I went to 2 Sally's to find Luxe. They had Shine (the silver) too, but I don't feel it's different from other silvers I own, so I passed. Let me know which 3 you pick :-)

  9. I went to Sallys this past weekend and tried locating some of the China Glaze up and away that I didn't have, and they were all out, same about the orly. I was so peeved. I know I should of gone at the start of the month. My sally's stock sucks though, they get stuff so late and then once they are out, that's it, they aren't getting anymore.

    I am jealous you got Gumdrop, I am totally lemming that one, the only one from that collection that I don't have have :(

  10. Justine, my Sally was out of Up & Away long time ago. I'm surprised that your Sally is that late, but yeah, the collection sold very fast. Gumdrop was a lucky find (yes, I went the first day of the month to hunt for it). You might have to buy it online :-(