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NOTD: Milani Hi-Tech

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I couldn't wait very long to dive in the holo goodness I got from Lawtons. As soon as China Glaze Re-fresh Mint started to chip on me, I moved on to Milani Hi-Tech.

Wouldn't you agree with me it's gorgeous? All day I stared at my nails and tilted them slightly to see the holo effect, then smiled, lol. People must think I was crazy or something.

This first picture was with flash from a slanted angle, and the second one was with direct flash. The colour did appear a bit differently.

But it really doesn't matter what angle you look at it from, Hi-Tech is beautiful. It feels like I have some sunlight on my nails, really something during this long winter month.

I had no issues with either application or the brush. I only applied 2 coats for this mani, as it looked opaque enough. Another coat wouldn't hurt, if you are a 3 coater kinda gal :-) I didn't apply top coat either. Removing this polish was easy peasy as well. Love!

When I saw the swatches of the collection online, I only wanted a few, but I did end up getting all 6. Blame it to Lawtons and its clearance sale, lol.

What would you like to see next? I have way too many polishes to try. The thing is I have a hard time removing a pretty colour from my nails, so I can't do series of swatches like all the nail gurus do. Forgive me :-)


  1. These 3D holos are so cool! I wish we had Lawtons in Ontario. Superstore is supposed to carry Milani but the one near me only has old colours in stock.

    Hmm can you show either the blue holo or purple the next time you change colours? :)

  2. Very pretty! I have barely any holos, I should start getting more in my life :)

  3. S, yes I really like them. Superstore hasn't had the LE, not that I see. Sure I'll get to the blue and purple soon.

    So Very Fabulous, you need to start collecting the holos, they are so cool :-)

  4. Love it! And happened to find it at Lawton's too in the clearance pile. No others though and this one didn't have a price on it and rang up at full price so got it at 50% off which put it at $3 something but I love it. It's like having a little bit of "happy" on my nails. Haha. Love it.

    I also bought a 3-layer one at Claire's but it accidentally go a bit shaken up but I was anxious to try it so did that one first and it just came out a purply-black so I put the Hi-Tech over it and am thrilled! I was too impatient to take the other color off

  5. FoundProdigalDaughter, yay, you found it. Some Lawtons still have them, but it's gonna be a little harder to find. I would probably end up shaking the 3-layer anyway, lol