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NOTD: Milani 3D

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Before we go on to the NOTD, I just want to make a note really quick for you guys Canadians who are tempting a Victoria's Nail Supply order. Until now, they do ship to Canada with reasonable shipping cost (for my tentative order of 10 bottles, it'd cost around $13 to ship by USPS), but they will stop shipping to Canada pretty soon. So time your purchase.

Alright, this is Milani 3D from the 3D Holographic collection, a fun gold colour with subtle holo effect. I can only see the holo in direct sun light with this one. It's still a pretty colour nevertheless.

I love this collection, as all colours are work appropriate. I could have a little fun with colours on my nails without being too obvious. Application was so easy with these babies, I always enjoy putting them on.

Wear was reasonable too, lasted me 3 days before I changed the colour. Not bad at all.

Squirt and I were both sick yesterday, and it wasn't easy to get up today. And it doesn't seem we'll have the sun today either. Let's just hope for warmer weather. Have a great day, ladies!


  1. Gosh, these look much prettier on than they do in the bottle to me! I think I'm going to finally cave and pick one up soon. :)

  2. Mmmm, almost wish I got this. For some reason I had no interest in the Milani holos at all.

  3. R, they are fun and good for work days, not too boring, not too overdone :-)

    Perry, just "almost"? :-)If you have the ChG holos already, you can skip the Milani ones. Don't feel bad