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Nail polish little hauls

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was on a mission trying to hunt down Annabelle fall shadow colours, so I went to 2 more Shoppers. Didn't find what I came for, but found something unexpected - discounted nail polishes :-)

First Shoppers, these polishes were on clearance for CAD3.99 each. There were quite a few in the bin, assorted brands, I tried my best to restrain myself and got 6 :-)

First row, from L-R: Nicole by OPI It's Up to You, It's Gold Outside and Let's Get Star-ted.

Second row: Borghese Magnifico Magenta and Gusto Gold Dust (from Holiday collection) and Sally Hansen Salon Mulberry.

These brands normally sell in the CAD8-10 range, so this was a steal. I tried to find swatches to justify my purchase but couldn't, except for Let's Get Star-ted and Gusto Gold Dust. The brands aren't very popular I guess. Please let me know if you have these colours and how you like them.

Second Shoppers (not on the same day, mind you, lol), these polishes were on sale too.

First row: Nicole by OPI Winter Glitterland and Faux Fir (from Holiday collection), CAD4 each.

Second row: Gosh Black Passion and Blue Monday (yes, it's a backup), CAD3 each.

Back at the beginning of the year, I saw Gosh polishes for CAD6, thought it was reduced price and hauled (obviously). Now they cost half of that, lol. Somehow I never saw Holographic though, it's like the most pretty shade from Gosh.

I'm so happy to have these new babies in my polish stash. New brands, new shades, sale, good combination :-)

The bf and I are invited to the Lunar New Year potluck party at a friend's tonight (so I will have to cook) while Squirt has a sleepover at her afterschool centre. It's gonna be busy. Have a fun weekend, ladies!


  1. Great hauls! Maybe I need to get myself to an SDM or 2 and see if I can find any goodies. I have never tried Nicole by OPI before.

  2. Oh man, I love that little gold Nicole. And I checked shoppers. Each shoppers have their own sales. Sadly, no clearance bin for me. =(

  3. I'm so jealous that you always find these deals. Whenever I hit up my local SDM there's nothing good :(

  4. Happy Lunar New Year and V-day! I love to try blue nail color for spring and summer. : )

  5. Thanks everyone, hope you can find some good deals at your Shoppers. Have a good day, whatever you celebrate.

  6. lol
    maybe ill come visit halifax, and we will just roam the city for deals XD maybe i will get lucky just being in your city XD

  7. rasilla, it's crazy to think there're better deals here than Toronto, but I'm more than happy to take you around if you come, lol